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Inner City Neighborhoods

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Writing 100 – Essay 4 One problem that faces inner city neighborhoods is boredom. Everyday residents may be scared to leave their homes late at night out of fear that something might happen because of danger. Whether it’s getting mug on the sidewalk or being held at gun point because someone wants to steal their car, any reason is a good enough reason for these residents to be scared for their lives. Residents have to come up with ideas to help improve the reoccurring crimes. I’m sure that political figures would also like to help these inner city neighborhoods, but don’t always have the funding to do so.

Individuals who drop out of college or even high school at such a young age can’t do much with their lives because they have no skills to get them a job. One bad decision like having unprotected sex, can lead to failing at life which can cause pregnancies at an early age. These harmless children are forced to grow up in around people who won’t make the right decisions for them at a young age which causes them to mistakenly make the same decisions that their parents made. Situations like these, where young children can’t get the help they need, are what cause high unemployment rates.

Sadly, this doesn’t only happen in inner city neighborhoods. I’ve seen it happen in my own neighborhood with kids that I have grown up with and decided that certain decisions would be okay and those same decisions took over their lives and took away opportunities that they can now never get back. If there were more centers in inner city areas with either free or cheap activities for citizens, more kids, teens, and young adults would have activities or games to do instead of walking the streets.

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Inner City Neighborhoods

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It would stop people from doing drugs, robbing stores, or hurting passersby on the sidewalk, from getting drunk and trying to take advantage of one another and making hurtful decisions. One example of a hurtful decision was in January of this year in Brooklyn. A New York City policeman was shot in the back of the head while pursuing a man who had reportedly been armed with a gun. I happen to know the policeman, Officer Brennan, who’s his young daughter and wife are what gave him the power to believe that he could make it through this tragedy.

If people go to these centers, maybe they wouldn’t stay out as late. However, if they’re not free, it’s less money that they can spend on drugs and alcohol. These would be centers where one can rent equipment and a court to play select sports for a certain amount of time. For example, on Long Island there are plenty of things to do in almost any town and crime is lower. In the inner city neighborhoods people have less money and less activities. Having paintball arenas, airsoft arenas, and other controlled environments can be rewarding and reflecting of what good behavior should be like.

I’m sure that spending the small amount of money, around ten dollars a group, for these activities or games wouldn’t be a problem because some people like to compete and play a lot of pick-up sport games with random people. Growing up in these places just might make future generations fall into the same bad path of doing drugs and the same wrongful decisions and getting into trouble or even getting killed. Every day in the newspapers or on the news you can read or hear about a new story where someone made a bad decision and some innocent person was accidentally harmed or killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The country has been coming out of a recent state of economic depression which caused various amounts of job loss across the country thus, giving too many people too much free time. And now that the hurricane came and wiped out the nice places, citizens now have less things to do on weekends and their days off from work. I think that crime will increase in these inner city neighborhoods because of these reasons. I like to know that when I leave my house every day to go to school that I’m not going to die in a car accident because of someone recklessly driving to get away from the police.

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