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Importance of Literature

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ENG 101 7 February 2012 Importance of Literacy Literature is a creative and imaginative type of writing. It is a source of information that leads to the guiding principles of life.

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Importance of Literature

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. Literacy is not optional, it is necessary. Literature is not just reading a text but being able to reflect upon it. There are many different types and forms of literacy. Some come in forms of poems and others as dramas or films. Literacy expands towards many varieties.

There are children literatures such as “Winnie the Pooh” and there are also more sacred types of literature such as the scripter’s or Holy Bible. Reading or watching literature gives a person a chance to experience different thoughts towards different situations, it opens a persons mind to imagination. Understanding literature is a sign of intelligence and knowledge. It is not always simple to understand and reflect on literacy. It is important to be open-minded when reading or watching literature.

Philosopher Edmund Burke once said, “Reading without reflecting, is like eating without digesting. ” For all means philosopher Burke is one hundred percent correct. The ability to reflect on what is being told shows intelligence, it shows that you have not only read word by word, but you have read the whole piece as one. There are many mistakes that are caused by illiterate people. A perfect example of this concept is the story of a man who was responsible for the death of his son.

In the essay “Hunger in America”, written by Richard Mitchell, Bill Barnhart was charged for certain criminal acts towards his sons death. Barnhart used a passage from the bible for his defense in the case. He believed that in the bible God said that no one should use any medication whatsoever. His son was sick and Barnhart refused to treat his son. His misunderstanding of what was being said cost his sons life. Being literate is extremely important. It can affect everyone around you. Learning literacy is a task that can take a while, but it is not impossible.

Reading is extremely important; it is the basics in life. Sense everything requires reading words, the only thing that remains is the reflecting part. Reflecting what you have read shows that you have a clear understanding of what is being said. To be literate does not mean that a person has to read novels and books. It could be simply by reading the news paper, and article, or even a magazine or watching a film. As long as you take time to reflect on the information given and understand what is given, you can read whatever you wish to.

Reading or watching literacy gives a person a chance to experience different thoughts towards different situations, it opens a persons mind to imagination. The understanding of literature brings many good things to us, either in science or entertainment. Everything that our world is built on has been based on literacy and continues to do so. Being literate is required to humankind, it is important that we all understand obstacles and situations in life

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