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Implementation of School Uniform

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Argumentative Essay Implementation of School Uniform Students spend most of their time at school. They are very conscious about their over-all looks especially in the school. When it comes to appearance, clothes and style are one of the best and easiest ways to express themselves, and by all odds helps people to understand of who they really are. Even so, there has been an ongoing debate on whether school uniforms should be completely abolished in all schools or uniforms should become a compulsory to all educational institutions.

Despite both pros and cons of this issue, I personally stick to the idea that school uniforms should be introduced in all public and private schools. Some important points to consider why they should require students to wear school uniform in all schools are the following: security in wearing uniform and promotes equality among students. Safety is among the most important duties of a school. To wear a certain school uniform may help reduce distractions and improve school safety.

For example, there will be less bullying and degrading to every student. Sometimes, children who cannot afford the latest fashion are ridiculed by their peers. Uniforms can also prevent students from wearing inappropriate clothing inside the campus that is sexually, illegally, etc. Another thing is when the students are required to wear matching uniforms; they are easily distinguishable from other groups. For an instance, it is easier to notice students while out on field trips and other outings because they are wearing uniform.

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Most importantly, it is harder for terrorists or trespassers to enter the school vicinity and do harm to anyone. Moving on to my second point, wearing uniform promotes equality between students. Wearing school uniform removes social barriers and put everyone equally on the ground. Itprovides a sense of belongingness to each and everyone inside the campus, it also provides students the opportunity to be accepted and included. And lastly, wearing school uniforms destress clothing as a means of conformity. It encourages equal environment in school by imiting socioeconomic difference among students. It may reduce bullying, teasing and cliques to students who can’t afford. As a whole, having a certain uniform in the school is a great solution. Wearing the same clothes provides security for students so as the faculty, the school in whole and advocates the sense of equality to everyone. That helps the individual to feel like they belong rather than they don’t fit at all. In my own point of view, school uniform should be implemented in all schools, both public and private for it is a good idea.

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