Impact of Social media on Marketing, Business and Consumer

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This article shows the study of social media as a source of news and their ways to practice it. The writer explains the impact of social media on media consumption and reliability of the information available on social media networks. As the main stream media has grown its interest in social media. Bits of Information on social media grown an interest in news. Therefore, journalists looking for a new top story or news use social media, as all the events break first on social media. But there are downsides to it, not all social media networks rely on social media for their reports and not all the news flashed on social media real. This makes the consumer question the reliability of other main stream media and social media break outs. Marketing of these main stream media and giving them insight to the data rises problems for the consumers and government because they can be easily manipulated. The reliable sources to show how consumption of social media needs to be filtered and creates a troublesome impact on social media and news media norms.

In this Dunlop explains how in digital era most of the youth is online, which brings forth both challenges and opportunities for their health and well-being. It is easy for the companies selling good or bad products to reach the youngsters via online platforms, especially social media. The writer explains through a real-life example that as smart-phones are part of every day life everything is accessible on it, and social media being on it means prone to marketing messages all the time. Further writer explains that how social media is responsible for the obese among the younger people ranging from twelve to nineteen years old.

Advertisements from Oreo cookies to Burger King chicken sandwiches etc. are held responsible for this. According to the US research market sixty three percent of the youngsters posted pictures on social media with unhealthy beverages, which is then capitalized by these beverage companies because of this consumer driven market on social media. This explains how social media platforms like Facebook are the growing market of games with approximately thirteen million gamers or game players alone in Taiwan. Online game players are driven with a sense of competition among each other, which leads them to pursue in being better than the other or being the best player among all. This not only gives them the sense of joy but also comes fame and encouragement from gamer society. But not all are top players, many to be the best spend a lot of money on online-games.

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Author asks questions like “do sociality, intercity, challenge, and novelty influence flow?”, “does flow influence purchase intention?” and “does price perception influence purchase intention in Facebook game stores?”, in order to observe the various players and acquire information that players who experience captivated by enjoyment of game are usually willing to pay a high price. The Authors, in this report describe, how social media plays an impact on the society, both in a positive and negative way. Social media has given the customers more power than they ever had, whereas, reputation of big companies is at stake by any rumors or bad news spread on social media. For instance, Papa John’s employer in New York wrote “Lady Chinky eyes” at a receipt of Korean-American lady. This was posted and shared on twitter, which went viral and then was picked up by the local newspaper, later ended on the national news such as CNN.

Many researchers on public relation call this “crisis communication’ through social media, meaning the lack of proof behind any information shared on social media, which can be emotionally driven, driven by hate or lack of solid data-driven research. In this report on Facebook users based social behavior and personality, Eunsun attempts to explain and discover the common relationship norms in communication between its fans and brand on Facebook, and to understand how consumer are perceived irritation when influenced through these norms. According to a semantic network analysis 7 out of 8 brands operated through communal operated relationships.

Along with Facebook other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram have also emerged. In fact, social media market industry in 2013 reported that 86% of business and marketers consider social media as one of the most crucial tools for a successful business. Many pages on Facebook are based on impressions or unites of branded content. These impressions are then further counted as the measure of the viewed content by consumer to the advertiser. An advertiser pays the media for the advertisement of their product in the traditional mass media, Likewise, social media gives a similar offer, but it also provides another advertisement impressions option, where they create an environment to exchange information, opinions about products and services. Then a Brand fan page with fans will receive all the newsfeed automatedly. After that fans respond by liking or commenting on the content.

This article, authors attempts to explain the recognition of for supporting any cause of social media, in this case Facebook. Social media being the best platform to spread the word out, raising money for donations, charity and causes is easy to approach. For example, a very famous cause was the ice bucket challenge organized by Amyotrophic Lateral sclerosis Association. This challenge depicted the power of social media. In this, after being challenged, people had to donate between 24 hours after completing the challenge. Many famous people and celebrities shared their videos and pictures. Millions after that joined this movement, and ALS raised more than 100 million worldwide. This showed how recognition of people among their community, society or nation increases the donations and grows voluntary intention.

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