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If I Can Change the World

If I could change the world, money, the axis of evil, will not be the center of everything. It will just be a part of life, not the criterion of man’s success in life. People will stop killing each other for money; people will stop defrauding others of their money.

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If I could change the world, money will stop its reign as king over man’s soul. In Saudi Arabia, Women, dressed in black from head to toe with only their eyes sticking out, were moving about busily.

If I could change the world, women will be given the same rights as men. Why do these men think that they are the gods of this land? Women in other countries have proved that they could emulate men; don’t these women have the same potential? If I could change the world, these women will definitely be free to show off all their talents for this country’s own benefit. “To Israel, please,” I replied, remembering the suicide attacks I’ve heard of so many times.

We were greeted by a gunshot which miraculously passed through us but hit a man behind us who immediately fell to the ground, which was already wet with fresh blood. If I could change the world, there will be no wars. Look at that man over there,” I said, pointing to someone who was frantically holding the dying man who was shot upon our arrival. “He can tell you about the helpless feeling of holding a dying friend in his arms, feeling the life flowing out and not being able to do anything about it.

What will happen to that dying man’s family? If he is the breadwinner of the family, how will the rest of his family survive? If he is the only son of an old mother, how many sleepless nights will the mother spend weeping for her lost son? If I could change the world, nations will learn to forgive and forget each other’s mistakes. Nations will learn to respect each other’s religion, culture and perspectives. Leaders of nations will not hunt for reasons to harm and to attack, but will search for ways to help and to cooperate for a better world