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Ideas to Reduce Corruption

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To reduce the level of corruption in our countries, we, as the next generation, must take the lead to make our desire of change public to each government. At the same time community leaders must be used to spread the idea of a progressive change.

As my first step to do so, I will convince my sector leaders to increase education in people, youth and childhood, starting from just a few and going up in the whole country. After that, work with the example to other countries and make the change visible and desirable.Corruption is such a major problem in our societies. For bad luck we are daily inmerse in cases where we have to face corruption and of course we will do it depending on the circumstances. Sometimes I think that we already live with corruption as a normal standard of living, how sad! Therefore instead of falling into the trap we should in first place think about what we are doing and the repercussions that my acts are going to have in a long term.The first step is to think if there is correct way to do things, maybe it is difficult but our problem is that we feel comfortable and we forget that we can think outside the box. We should start letting our voices out, and let them be heard, and of course even if it sounds as a utopia, the change starts with us and how are we willing to face this new challenges.

It? not going to be easy and we are not going to be able to change it in one day, but slowly, with a noble heart, with passion and desire, small actions can do gigantic things. Last but not least in my particular case, if someday I become what I’m wishing for; Ministry of Agriculture of Ecuador from that position at least I will be able to give back a little bit to my community and to the agricultural sector, and I will try my best to do things right for my country.To reduce corruption is not an easy thing, it requires a lot of effort, but the change should begin by getting people to acknowledge that corruption is not something distant, allusive only to politicians or people in power; sadly, corruption is enrooted in the culture of our countries at all levels; it is like cancer that spreads slowly killing ethical and moral values of citizens. I think the only way to stop the vicious circle of corruption is to raise the awareness among people that corruption must not be considered a common practice, corruption is a problem and the solution is in the hands of each and every one of us.It is in us the responsibility to say no to corruption, to build a better and fairer society. What I propose is to make a social awareness campaign which encourages people to say no to corruption, starting with simple things, like respecting the lines, not offering or receiving bribes, respecting the traffic police, acting with empathy, etc. ; the idea is that this small wins in the day to day activities of people set in an environment in which the vicious circle of corruption can be broken.

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This campaign should frame its message in civic pride and the desire for improvement, something like: “I am Latin American, and I say no to corruption”.This has to be visual; I can imagine employees putting an emblematic sign of the “I say no” campaign in front of their desks just to let know others they are not willing to make bad businesses, or policemen wearing I say no badges to let know drivers they won’t accept bribes and posters of “I say no” in court rooms. Of course this campaign should be based on real actions, such as the improvement of laws, severe penalties for corrupt public functionaries, education in schools and colleges of ethics, improvement of public services, among others.Even though such movement can be sponsored by the government, an ONG, the private sector or any group, the most important is that it must get the support of all constituencies and the message must really get to touch the mind and hearts of people to achieve the impossible, to be part of something special, and to create an “I say no” culture. The best way to change Latin America is to supply basic needs in the communities. Until the basic requirements of healthcare, nourishment and safety are met the more complex building blocks that would inoculate the communities from corruption cannot be achieved.To do this we need to raise the wealth and more importantly distribute it fairly.

A simple solution is not available, little steps must be taken to improve governmental entities, private sector, education with example and action. Tactics like micro financing can develop the most vulnerable communities and igniting a culture of respect for those well off individuals who do affect those communities in a positive way. Whenever the benefits of taking the corrupt road outweigh the costs of taking it, the propensity of corruption among public institutions will be present in a significant way.Today in Latin America most our countries are left at the mercy of the only effective deterrent for corruption we are able to find: ethics. And as effective as they are, history has proved us that relying on them is not only naive but kind of irresponsible. So in order to get rid of this awful disease, more is needed to generate change. Going back to the first idea, individuals make their decisions considering the costs and benefits of a particular path.

So in order to influence such decisions, incentives must be created to increase the benefits or increase the costs.Either way would prove to be an effective way of influencing behavior. Then what we could do is try to increase the costs of corrupt behavior. How can a society do so? By modifying their current institutions, in order to create a set of rules applicable to everyone, and creating enough will power to enforce this rules. People talk a lot of the role of culture in the corruption dilemma. Nevertheless institutions also help to shape culture. In order to change culture we first have to change our institutions.

Which institutions to change, and how to change them, goes beyond the scope of the writer’s intention, but an opinion is clearly defined towards changing institutions as a way of eliminating corruption in our countries. First of all we need to act as we talk; we need to really step up and act upon our words on a positive way. Secondly we need to rely on education and values for our society. We need to start positively influencing our inner circle (Family and friends) and start working our way out (Work ad society). Corruption is something that must be change with time.You cannot change it in one week or month, even one year. The Key is culture and institutions and strong competitive market.

In order to eliminate corruption you have to prepare the coming generation with new values, habits and thinking so you begin to create an environment of respect for the society.. The second thing is that it is necessary to guarantee and strong State that applies the law, but also an institution that develop new way to be more efficient and respond to a highly demand society.Finally, it is need to create incentive for people, if the people's needs are not fulfill are not totally fulfill, t is likely to fall in corruption; one way to avoid this is with real competitive market, and if there is a unfair situation, the State has to react. Assuring this three ideas it is more probably you can have a better society in the future generation. To reduce corruption in Central America we all have to do our part. If you get to deal with a corrupt person, always do the following two things; first don't comply with the corruption.

Then speak up. Don't keep it to yourself. If you keep quiet, the corruption will never stop. Doing these two things, one person at a time, will make this a better region for everybody.

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