Hypothetical Company

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Hypothetical Company:

M/s. Amber Holdings Limited. The company is an independent Hotel chain owner, operating a chain of hotels for the middle class countryside vacationer. The chains comprise of small hotels with no more then 20 rooms at best. Ideally located near scenic locations at small towns, spread throughout the United States. The company also specializes in the provision of tour guidance and offers services like car rentals and travel insurance through third party collaborations.

Mission Statement:

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The company has the following mission statement

“To play our role towards an environmentally friendly vacationing solution by becoming the first choice provider of hotel accommodation to vacationers wishing to reconnect with the country side “

Potential Foreign Markets:

The company wishes to enter the Canadian Market. For this purpose, it has at its disposal the following two techniques of market entry:

Þ    Organic Expansion.

Þ    Takeover a small Canadian countryside hotel chain called Countryside Resorts.

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