Human Resource Management Incidents Q&A

Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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HRM Incident 1: A Strange Pairing

1.         What do General Motors and the Army National Guard have in common?

Both the General Motors and Army National Guard are both searching for ways on how to improve and optimize their use of information technology. Also, both companies want to enhance the capabilities of their technical staff by providing updated and efficient technological training.

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2.      In what other areas might this form of training be valuable?

The training could help in saving the company lost of money in the future. Through the training, technicians can be more effective in accomplishing their duties which can lessen poor quality outputs and unsatisfied remarks from clients.

HRM Incident 2: Solving a Disciplinary Action Problem over the Internet

1.         Do you believe that this is a realistic approach to training regarding disciplinary action?

I think the internet serves a useful tool to address sensitive issues such as alcohol abuse particularly in the workplace. There are instances wherein alcoholic employees are wary about disclosing their addictions specifically to their superiors and sometimes other co-workers are uncomfortable about helping alcoholics. In this situation, the internet can act as a way where individuals can learn how to deal with their issues which could eventually lead to a personal interaction and resolution of the problem.

HRM Incident 3: There Is No Future Here!

1.   Evaluate the career planning and development program at this company.

The company lacked in ensuring their employees that they can further their career within the organization. The management was so confident that their employees are satisfied with their career planning and development program which resulted to the resignation of Bob. Also, the management failed to inform their employees about the opportunities they want to offer them.

2.    What actions might have prevented Bob’s resignation?

 If the company only informed Bob about their plans for the growth of his career, he would not have thought of seeking for better opportunities with other companies. More so, if Bob was promoted during his tenure within the company might have convinced him that there he has a great chance of climbing up the corporate ladder.

HRM Incident 4: Adding Value

1.  Do you agree with J. D.’s assessment of what it takes to be successful in today’s workplace? Discuss.

Yes, it is important to be updated with the industry that you are working in. In this modern ear, most of the jobs have become highly competitive. In order to stay ahead of the pack, one must possess the “in demand skills.” Tenure is no longer considered as a major factor in determining the level of proficiency of an individual. However, it still remains as one of the element that is looked at by employers. So, it is essential that all employees try to be updated with the new trainings or new information about their work to be able to be perceived as a first-class professional.

2. Do you agree with J. D.’s statement that “improving your skills is never a waste of time” considering that he has learned obsolete systems in the learning process? Discuss.

Yes, I agree with this statement. Improving one’s skills can never lead to a bad thing.

However, since we are living in a world that is constantly changing, there are skills or information that we have acquired in the past that can no longer be applied in the present. But this does not mean that all goes to waste, everything that we have learned in the past can be considered as the preliminary step in acquiring more advanced skills that are highly appropriate in the present time.

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