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HRM Innovations

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The Latin cluster is at the lowest socio-economic level, and is characterised by an oral culture and political structures, therefore creating a docile attitude towards authority, but Norway, at the highest level of culture, shows a collective orientation to management, extensive consultation between parties, documented strategies and excellent HRM departments. Even though these clusters appear in three groups, a common trend has appeared, that of pay determination becoming decentralised and flexible systems becoming more common place, and the lack of equality for women and ethnic minorities.

The pay system at Barclays has become decentralised as time has moved on, but Barclays are also passionate about creating an environment that promotes equality. " 'Equal treatment for a diverse workforce'. We believe that a more diverse workforce is a more creative and more successful workforce. And we also believe that the make-up of our teams should reflect the mix of local societies. In the 2005 employee opinion survey, 80% of our employees agreed that 'management supports equality and diversity in the workplace' (75% in 2004).

We are close to our target of having 3% of senior executives from ethnic minority groups, but progress has been slower on the number of women in senior jobs and we are not satisfied with this. Some headway has been made: 250 senior women attended our first worldwide women's conference and Barclays France sponsored the Women's Forum for the Economy and Society in Normandy as well as holding its own women's development workshops.  This goes to prove Brewster and Kochan's framework of the European Environment.

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Barclays accommodates partnership between unions, and that national culture shapes the HRM practises. Barclays also proves that the managerial goals have common aspects throughought the MNC as it seeks to manage as a "cultural extension of the parent company and, therefore, will adopt employment practises overseas that are characteristic of the country of origin. " Since the environment of HRM differs from country to country, the MNC is seen as a way in which the ideology and practices of different styles of HRM can be diffused across borders. Introduction to Human Resource Management. "Barclays is the first multinational bank in Africa to have a union forum at which employee representatives throughout Africa can jointly interact with the bank... "

To summarise, the labour market is very competitive, this is mainly due to unemployment figures dropping. This means that Barclays has fewer choices of who they can employ. The bank is looking to employ people, but without the flexibility to look at a variety candidates to find highly skilled individuals. This leads Barclays to become more flexible in order to attract and retain staff.

Hence the reason they have adopted a unitary way of HRM, as it believes that treating employees fairly and equally, investing time, training and money in them, will lead the staff the stay with them in the long term, therefore generating a healthy relationship ensuring commitment, motivation, satisfaction, and above all, the organisation will run efficiently and effectively and achieve new social goals to fit the competitive environment. All in all, Barclays Bank PLC meets the three elements of HRM - the unitarist, the strategic and the social, thus, HRM innovations are in the long term social interest o f employee's, employers.

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