4 Innovations In IoT Space By Indians

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Last Updated: 25 May 2020
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Internet is no more just a part of your computer or phone where you spent hours watching the most useless thing on Earth. It has moved beyond being a kingdom of cats to something very sophisticated. Internet has penetrated from your computing machines to the gadgets or appliances you use at home and it’s sharing all your big data among devices to make your life easier.

The rise of the Internet of Things industry in India has been a remarkable one. From being fun to having real time applications, IoT has gained such immense popularity in such a short time that its compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is expected to be 40.8% from 2012 to 2018 reaching USD 300 billion by 2020 globally. The drivers of this growth will be and are a number of startups who with their innovative ideas are bound to make life more internet friendly. Some of these are as follows: 


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This startup claims to significantly increase your car’s IQ. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work on humans but car problems are the last thing you would have to worry about. Launched in 2012, CarIQ gets all the big data from your driving experiences like mileage and speed, as well as driving patterns and sends it servers hosted on the cloud. This data is analyzed and reports generated on the condition of the car, driver credibility, which helps drivers make real-time decision and also compare them with that of your friends.

CarIQ is supported by all the major car manufacturers like Toyota, Mahindra, Tata, Hyundai, etc. manufactured after 2008.

RHL Vision

This startup will give a whole new meaning to the famous line in The Lord of the Rings, “one ring to rule them all”. They are literally bringing technology to your palm enabling you to become a part of the ioT system too.

Robotic Human Logic Vision, founded in 2012, has developed a Bluetooth enabled device called Fin. Fin is a ring which lets you control devices like TV with the palm of your hand acting as remote. With better powers than Green Lantern, this ring is simple and user friendly with gestures as easy as a tap or swiping the hand. The gadget would have three in-built sensors beaming signals into a TV loaded with the software developed by RHL Vision.

Each segment of your fingers can act as hot keys which can then be assigned each activity of the connected devices such as smartphones and TVs.


Who hasn’t experienced a mini heart attack every time you see the car keys or wallet missing from your bag? Or when the dog let’s itself lose and you think you’ll have to run till the end of the Earth to find him? SenseGiz is aiming to solve problems such as these with their product Find. These people have realized that people do and will lose stuff and what’s better than making them traceable with your phones.

Each sensor is Bluetooth enabled and is a small square of 4 centimetres and half a centimes of width that can be stuck to any surface. With Find, you get an instant alarm if you leave anything behind or if the distance between the phone and the tag goes beyond the set range.


Adhering to the needs of elderly or patients with chronic diseases, Cooey might be the next big thing in healthcare. With Cooey, you need not step out of your door to get results for your lab tests or even a nurse by your side 27/7 to tell you when to take medicines. With their easy-to-understand solutions, patients can now safely and securely manage their health information from a single spot. The platform collects, stores, analyzes and shares their medical summary with the doctor, while providing insights and personalized health tips to patients based on their medical profile.

Their devices Wireless Body Fat Analyzer and Blood Pressure Monitor were received warmly in the market and they soon plan to launch their third product called Smart Glucometer.

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