How Social Media Affects the Real Life

Last Updated: 10 Nov 2022
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How teens today and social media are affected by the constant use of it and the ability to get lost in social media day after day and when it reaches the breaking point social media and real life can become foggy. Besides for social media being a huge distraction it is also a way for people to express their feelings which has positive and negative repercussions mainly because of cyberbullying that doesn't stay as such because it will take a physical form and worst then that children not just across America but the world are taking their lives because of it.

Social media can cause children to become materialistic and not be able to see the bigger picture all they are worried about is the next new trend, do they look good today, and who posted another selfie and more importantly how many likes and followers do they have. Social media can be hard to separate from real life and that's a huge problem especially with in schools when it becomes a huge distraction and for some a tool for bulling while adults are being threatened by their superiors to not post anything that is considered “inappropriate” even though they are adults. Besides for how school and social media are effecting one another, social media plays a huge roll in someone's job, career, occupation what every you want to call it from a janitor to a professional athlete and finally to a doctor or a teacher; if you aren't the boss of yourself social media is huge and can be the deciding factor in being hired, fired or promoted.

As owners child I see how much your BOSS watches you and monitors social media and employees that work for him, I've witness my dad call someone into his office pull up their twitter, Facebook or Instagram and had anything about work that wasn't positive he fired them on the spot and didn't care cause anyone who is willing to post things like that didn't deserve to work for him. Also, I've watched my friends be fired and they would look at me and there's nothing I could do about it because even though friends are important business is business and I have to respect that and that is like most businesses but the worst are those in the school district who aren't allowed to post pictures with alcohol, bathing suites anything like that cause they will be reprimanded and after multiple offenses will be fired.

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In those instances, I think the bosses are being too strict because it could be a picture of them on vacation and for that, they could be reprimanded seriously? At that point, they need to be able to draw the line and realize that's there life they are enjoying it. but finally the pros god save them any wrong move that is found offensive in anyway can result in fines and sometimes loss of sponsorships which means loss of money which means more controversy over their lives. besides for this small part of social media there is bulling.

Social media plays a major factor in who someone is no more so then the like button on every post, tweet, Instagram post, news feed etc.... you name it if it pops up on social media there's a like button somewhere. the ability to like something is huge especially for teens because now they want the bragging right of "I have more like than you" so now they become obsessed with that so constantly posting tweets, or posts on Facebook or on Instagram trying to get a ton of likes so they can show their friends. (Stella C. Chia1, pg2) I remember when I was back in high school my senior year when "senioritis" started to kick in that I didn't realize how obsesses everyone is with social media. I knew that my class was heavily influence by social media but I didn't realize it was this bad until then the only things I saw were phones out social media up and the hot topic of almost every conversation was did you see this on this persons pg. on this social media and everyone would go to it and check it out. they would like the post giving someone the self-esteem that they are liked but sometimes those people that posted something is a "like" because people use it sometimes as a form of bulling. As well as the previous paragraph about bulling there are the five w's of cyberbullying who, what, why, where, when.

Within social media the who could literally be anyone there was a case down in misorie where a women Lorie drew pretended to be her daughter's friends crush on my space in a way to get back at her at first she gained her trust made her like "him" and then she crushed her by breaking up and telling her to kill herself and that no one loves her shell never have true friends and all kinds of horrible things to say to a teenager and as a result she killed herself. Another "W" is what was it over, in the teenage world which truly is its own little world it could be anything from pimple on your face, dressing funny have a speech impediment dating a guy/girl who just broke up with their other, and finally where you stand on the totem pole all of these are just ammunition for teens to feel soupier to others. Xu, Jun, Zhu, & Bellmore,pg 2). why for amusement and a stigma of self-worth, where and when could be anywhere.

Tyler Clementi the Rutgers student who committed suicide after his roommate Dharuk Ravi secretly recorded him having sexual relationships with another guy. This became a nationwide story of this incident and the first time cyberbullying became such a big deal don't get me wrong its always been a problem but after this incident it was just like through more gasoline on a fire. why did Mr. Ravi do this as a way to humiliate his roommate and to play a curl "joke" on him causing him to take his life.( Ed Pilkington, pg 1) This has become reality for many families throughout the world it's a sad reality but a reality none the less kids are unable to separate social media from real life and by not realizing what the reproductions could be such has suicide kids loos the idea of social media being just that a way to be social through media it has turned into a weapon. Social media plays a huge roll in real life whether or not we like it or not is a different story but until people start to realize just how bad and harmful things can be that are posted incidents like Tyler clement will continue to happen granted schools are starting to crack down on bulling but there will always be away around it. social media affects everyone because you are unable to separate real life and the media.

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