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How ROTC Builds Character and Leadership

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Enrolling into Junior ROTC most don’t really know what to expect, all they moss likely think is that it “will make them more popular to wear a uniform”. It does NT take very long to realize that the program is so much more than just uniforms. OR ETC provides cadets with life changing skills that strengthen character and leaders hip, and allows them to expand and find who they are. The ROTC program teaches cadets the importance of respect, obedience, trust t, and other traits needed to live and give out positive benefits in the world.

Thro cough seasons of self discovery, the want to change one’s flaws and keep successful ha bits becomes a main goal to reach. Becoming higher in rank motivates cadets to b behave in ways that show others what it means to be a ROTC cadet, and encourage 20th errs to reach beyond “just satisfaction”. The most important character trait in ROTC would most definitely have to be leadership.

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Through principles of loyalty, duty, and respect cadets learn and demonstrate the ability to take charge and encourage others to do their great est..

In order to have a position of leadership, an individual has to have a high level of attendance and cooperation, so that they can assist others in achieving goals. Some have trouble seeing the difference between leading and controlling, and what will benefit t he group rather than themselves. The individuals with the high level of patience, cope ration and teamwork skills are the best leaders, who bring success and respect upon the messes from others. Today’s constant change in society, shows that ROTC gives positive contributions for young people to carry on. Junior ROTC takes in young cadets , and releases them as better citizens.

Those individuals in the future will be import ant for the world to continue the values of character and leadership. Was one who thought I’d become more popular with given a uniform. I found out that the uniforms teach you to have confidence in yourself, to show how moot voted and dedicated you are in becoming a better citizen, and to show that being popular r isn’t as important as it may seem. If it wasn’t for my Junior ROTC family I’d still be the shy, no confidence, constant trouble maker I once was. We stick together in everything g, and try our best to spread our positive behavior beyond the classroom.

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