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To be a house-guest there are many responsibilities such as schedule which, a perfect house-guest would call ahead that they are coming and commit to the time they are arriving and leaving. Guests should know how long to stay at someone else's place and not stay too long to make the person who owns the house annoyed of them. Another responsibility Is that a guest should come with gifts to show appreciation. The gift does not have to be something expensive, just to show that you aspect them that they are letting you stay at their house.

Guests should respect the host and not tell them that something of their house or taste sucks. Guests should make the host feel good by telling them how beautiful their house is. Meals is another responsibility house-guests should know that they should not always depend on the host to make them food all the times. Guests should at least offer for help to make the meals or even make meal themselves to show their generosity.

Privacy is a gig responsibility because the host could be still working and the guest would be on holiday that they are staying at the hosts home. The guest should respect the fact that the host Is not on a holiday and do things them self or even help the host out by having food ready for them before they come back home. Appreciation Is Important for a house-guest because that would show the host they liked being there and that they actually took the time to appreciate the stay this way the host would even invite the guests back.

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