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Hometown Critical Essay

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Our hometown is where our roots lie; that is where our ancestors were born. Our roots lie in a modest town called Bernardsville, Somerset County, New Jersey. Nestled in the heart of New Jersey, “Somerset County is one of the fourth wealthiest counties in the country” (“Somerset”). What is there to do in this desolated town called Bernardsville? Absolutely nothing! It has its positive and negative aspects. One positive thing about Bernardsville is that it has beautiful neighborhoods/scenery, a great school system, and excellent shops.Although it is a fine place to raise a family, it is not a good place for teenagers to grow up because of its lack of fun activities. Most people who come to Bernardsville look forward to raising a family because of its children friendly atmosphere. Young children enjoy the area because of its wide variety of recreational activities. A young boy who enjoys sports would join the baseball/football little league. A young girl who wants to learn ballet would go to a dance studio.

A positive aspect about Bernardsville is that it has an exceptional school system, which attracts families to move here, because of its outstanding curriculum. A few well known people have graduated from Bernardsville High school, such as “Meryl Streep, Academy Award winning actress” (“Bernards”). The school system has very friendly and knowledgeable teachers, which gives parents an affirmative reassurance for their children’s future education. Young families appreciate the fact that Bernardsville has no crime.

The very low crime rate makes Bernardsville a friendly safe neighborhood, attracting many people to live here. Though families enjoy living in Bernardsville, a negative aspect about the town is that it is not satisfactory for teenagers because of its boring atmosphere and lack of fun activities. In order to have fun, teenagers have to travel to another town. If a bunch of friends wanted to go to a bowling alley, they would have to commute 15 minutes to Bridgewater. Most teenagers travel to Bridgewater because it has more of a variety of places to hang out than Bernardsville.

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Another popular place in Bridgewater that teenagers like to go to is the mall because of its shops and movie theatre. Most shops in Bernardsville are expensive high-end stores where wealthy people can afford to shop. Therefore, the majority of teenagers go to the mall because of its decently priced stores. Bernardsville is a boring town, so there is barely anything to do besides hang out at the Bernardsville Food Store (BFS), a convenient store where most teenagers hang out. When teenagers aren’t hanging out at BFS, the only thing to do in Bernardsville is to party, a common thing to do when entering high school.

At Bernard’s High, you are either in three different cliques: book smart nerds, druggies, and social people who like to party but still have their priorities in check. It is a small town, so almost everyone knows each other and is in each other’s business. Most of the residents who live in Bernardsville are close-minded. Teenagers, who have lived in Bernardsville, get bored of not only the town, but also the people who live there. Many meet different people in surrounding towns or the city. New York City, which is 45 minutes away from Bernardsville, is a popular place to go to for teenagers.

If you are a teenager who loves to listen to music and go to concerts, New York City is the place to go. A person who is very in touch with fashion will want to go to New York City, which is definitely the place to experiment because of its diversity of culture and people. Even though Bernardsville is not satisfactory to teenagers, it is a wonderful place to raise a family because of its beautiful neighborhoods, fine school system, and low crime rate. The peaceful quaint town makes up for its lack of activities, making it a place to always cherish and come back to.

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