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While there is no remedy, drug interventions can widen the lives of people with AIDS. It can be prevented by a committedness to poverty decrease, betterments in instruction, health care, nutrition and sanitation. AIDS is treatable and preventable and is under control in developed counties, but non in Africa.

Background on Africa

Many of us know that Africa is a hapless, hungering state, but non much more. The legion states of Africa have been inundated with war for old ages which has left it extremely hapless. In fact, the one-year income is $ 400 - $ 700. It is out of the inquiry for a individual to be able to afford intervention.

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The bigger issue seen by the African authorities is famishment and has been the overpowering job long earlier AIDS appeared. Therefore AIDS instruction is non ranked high on their precedence list. It is estimated that bar plans reach less than one in five of those who need them ( Kaiser Foundation ) .

Increasing demand for wellness attention services is overpowering. At the same clip, they are losing big Numberss of wellness attention workers to AIDS. In some African states, it is estimated that AIDS causes up to one half of all deceases among employees in the public wellness sector, . ( Kaiser Foundation ) .

The African civilization besides plays a function in doing the war on HIV more hard. `` Multiple sex spouses are expected as portion of cultural look, '' ( Cichocki, 2007 ) , which increases transmittal because the parties are incognizant they are HIV infected.

Summary on AIDS

AIDS is an infection that is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus ( HIV ) , which destroys the organic structure 's immune system.

AIDS can be acquired in a batch of different ways and finally leads to decease. A few of the ways are being injected with used acerate leafs, infected blood transfusions, unprotected sex, and contact with a individual 's blood who has AIDS. In add-on, a female parent can infect her babe while pregnant, during bringing through contact with female parent 's blood or organic structure fluids, and after birth through chest eating.

All of the literature points to the Sub-Saharan in Africa as being the most devastated by the disease with `` more than 75 % of deceases were AIDS related in 2007, '' ( Africa Action ) . The impact on adult females is even higher. `` Women represent more than half ( 59 % ) of all grownups populating with HIV/AIDS, '' ( Kaiser Foundation ) . This is in portion because of the cultural outlooks of multiple sex spouses and their low socioeconomic position.

`` A study from the United Nations says that AIDS will kill half of all 15 twelvemonth olds in Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa by 2012 if something is non done shortly, '' ( Cichocki, 2007 ) . Some of the literature estimates that in twenty old ages the population in countries of Africa could diminish by half.

The impact on life anticipation is change by reversaling the additions made during the last century. `` By 2010, life anticipations in several highly-affected states could drop to below 40 old ages, good below what they would hold been without HIV/AIDS and even below degrees they had reached in the pre-AIDS epoch, '' ( Kaiser Foundation ) .

Impact of AIDS

Advantages of chest eating in destitute states, such as Africa, are significant. However, these advantages must be balanced against the hazard of go throughing HIV to the babes through chest milk if the female parents have the virus ; unluckily the bulk of female parents do n't cognize that they are infected. In some countries of Africa, more than 30 per centum of female parents have HIV.

If an HIV positive adult female takes no preventive drugs and breastfeeds so the opportunity of her babe going infected is around 20-45 % . Modern drugs are extremely effectual at forestalling HIV transmittal during gestation, labour and bringing. When combined with other intercessions including expression eating, a complete class of intervention can cut the hazard of transmittal to below 2 % . Even where resources are limited, a individual dosage of medical specialty given to fuss and pamper can cut the hazard in half. Testing is the first measure in forestalling HIV transmittal. Rapid HIV trial provide consequences in 15 proceedingss and supply information that allow preventive steps during childbearing such as cesarian subdivision and non interrupting the female parent 's H2O. However, supplying proving and drug intervention to everyone who needs it requires more clip and preparation than is presently available in most states. ( Avert )

Childs are being left as orphans because their parents are deceasing from AIDS. Even more astonishing is the fact that many of these kids will besides decease from AIDS. Often both of the parents are HIV positive in Africa. As a consequence, more kids have been orphaned by AIDS in Africa than anyplace else. As parents die and kids are sent to relations for attention and upbringing the family dissolves. AIDS strips households of their assets and income earners, doing the hapless poorer. ( Avert ) . Significant injury and adversity occur for kids affected by HIV and AIDS. The epidemic non merely causes kids to lose their parents but sometimes their childhood every bit good. As parents and household members become sick, kids take on more duty to gain an income, bring forth nutrient, and attention for household members. It is harder for these kids to entree equal nutrition, basic wellness attention, lodging and vesture. Fewer households have the money to direct their kids to school.

As projections of the figure of AIDS orphans rise, there are treatments of an addition demand for institutional attention for kids. However this solution is non merely expensive but besides damaging to the kids. Institutionalisation shops up jobs for society, which is sick equipped to get by with an inflow of immature grownups who have non been socialised in the community in which they have to populate.

In the last decennary, there has been a dramatic addition in the figure of immature kids who have died because of HIV/AIDS transmitted to them by their parents. The uneducated are four times more likely to believe that there is no manner to avoid AIDS and three times more likely to be incognizant that the virus can be transmitted from female parent to child.

Hardest hit by HIV/AIDS is the on the job age population. The loss of these workers in bend affects Africa 's ability to react to the epidemic.

AIDS claims the lives of instructors and contributes to serious instructor deficits in several African states. The instruction sector has been weakened through its impact on school attending and registration among kids affected by HIV/AIDS. Teacher shortages in African states have resulted as AIDS claims lives.

Global Aid

Funding which is being provided is non plenty. `` Experts topographic point the cost of incorporating the epidemic to be about $ 4 billion, '' ( Cichocki, 2007 ) . There are four chief support watercourses: the US authorities initiated President 's Plan for Emergency AIDS Relief ( PEPFAR ) ; the United Nations bureau called the Global Fund to contend AIDS ; the private sector ; and domestic disbursement. The US provides about half of the support for the battle against AIDS through PEPFAR. But PEPFAR is under-funded, and it merely provides support to 12 states in Africa, go forthing three-fourthss of the continent out of the image. It is being revised to extinguish the accent on sexual abstention and spread outing the usage of generic drugs. The Global Fund is criticized for taking excessively long for the money to make the people that need it. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have provided the most significant of private contributions to the Global Fund.


There is an AIDS epidemic in Africa, specifically in the Sub-Saharan country and it is clearly non anyplace near to going under control. The chief ground seems to be that Africans are holding unprotected sex. Many people are non educated about the menace of AIDS so they have unprotected sex. It makes sense they do non believe AIDS exists and therefore, do non take steps to protect themselves from the disease. In add-on, the infirmaries are deficient and reuse acerate leafs and do non hold medical equipment to test blood for disease which consequences in septic blood transfusions.

The epidemic can be helped if people receive instruction and medical intervention. Drugs demand to be available for everyone who has AIDS. The support to assist is going more focussed on what needs to be done so that AIDS can shortly be brought under control. The people need to be better educated about AIDS and what it can make to them. An full coevals is being devastated by the depredations of this disease.

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