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Healthcare Administration

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Kudankulam will be anothet Uttarakhand with all these substandard technology. Stop this. Nobody on earth can give 100% safety to the local people. - Rev. Thomas Kocherry, Tamil Nadu , India The Need Today Is To Rid Our Minds Of The Influence Of Mullahs You have read or heard about Pakistan 's Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) recently deciding that DNA Tests may not be used as evidence in the absence of witness by four righteous adults; this apparen't "ridiculous decision" angers most of you. However it is important to understand why traditional Muslims minds (like in case of CII) reach such absurd conclusions.

This is because "Literalists" dominate Muslim thinking. They read Quran, Hadith and all scriptures in a literal word by word fashion; they translate Arabic words of 7th Century (when mankind didn’t know about circulation of blood or role of heart as a pump) to create legally binding commands in 21st Century (when heart transplant and travel to moon have become relics of past). In reality all Religions can only be understood as timeless principles to create a just society free of tyranny but Mullahs and all others under the influence of Mullahs interpret our religion to create situations of tyranny (Zulm, Injustice).

Do you not see how they create sectarian disharmony and killings? How do you think they end up creating hatred against Shia or Sunni? What we need today is to rid our minds of the influence of Mullahs. When many of you get "stressed" and warn others not to talk of religion without fully understanding it. It is not "fear of God" it's the psychological fear created by Mullahs, Allah is forgiving but Mullah is not. In the present day world no one can be an Aalam-e-Din without having a command of modern sciences (Biology, Physics and Chemistry even Finance etc) in addition to knowledge of Theology and History.

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Islam is a Code of Life for all times only because it has the elasticity to adjust with the changing times. - Moeed Pirzada, California AAPI And Its Young President Your cover story on AAPI’s Young Leadership and his vision for AAPI is very inspiring. Great to have such exceptionally great organizations and the many noble works they undertake. AAPI’s meteoric rise from a basement three decades ago to become one of today's premier ethnic medical associations is a tribute to its past leaders, a network of hardworking committees, and a constituency of 100,000 physicians and medical residents. AAPI has become a force to reckon with.

AAPI's stellar role has come in for appreciation with the US political leaders and law makers. Hope, Dr. Shah is able to build on what he has inherited from its past presidents and take it to new levels of high achievements and great service to humanity. Rajiv Saxena, Illinois Historic Moment For Indian Americans As Srikant Srinivasan Confirmed US Judge Your report on India’s Chandigarh-born Srinivasan's confirmation as the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, being unanimously approved by the US Senate with 97 voting in favor, is a historically prud moment for all Indian Americans.

The 46-year-old has become the first South Asian to be appointed to the top American court amid speculation that he may one day be tapped for the Supreme Court. Justice Srinivasan has a distinguished and proven record of commitment to public service, and I look forward to his contributions to the bench. And he will offer a unique perspective and added diversity that is long overdue in our justice system. - Hemant Pancholi , North Carolina Well Written Editorial On Corruption Dear Ajay, I went through Asian Era and it is interesting to read and the quality is very good.

In your editorial you have written well on world wide corruption with facts and figures. It is interesting to know different levels of corruption. Shijy & Selvan Albert , Michigan JUL-AUG 2013 Durga Mandir New Jersey No Cash Offerings Appeal to Devotees Respected Devotees: Namaskar, With all the due respect I am making an humble appeal“Not to make any Cash Offerings at Durga Mandir" in Princeton , New Jersey . Please do visit Durga Mandir for all your ceremonial needs as usual. Under no circumstances this Appeal should be construed as boycott of the Temple .

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