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Han’s Crime

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Hand's wife gave birth to a baby eight months after their marriage. Han was under the Impression that the baby belonged to his wife's cousin. Han told everyone that It was a premature birth. This explained why the baby died so soon; nevertheless, It was actually the wife who killed the baby by smothering It with her breasts. For the rest of Mr.. And Mrs.. Hand's marriage, Han did not approach his wife and ask her if the baby was his. It seems to me that Han does not face his problems, but runs away from them or take the easy way out. For example, Han did not want to ivories his wife because he did not want there to be any wrong on him.

If Han had confronted her about the possible affair as well as the death of their baby, their marriage would have gone in a completely different direction that did not end in one of them killing the other. I do not mean to say that they would have lived happily ever after or anything, but it definitely would have helped their relationship with each other. The birth and death of the baby symbolizes a new beginning for Han. "The child's death seemed Like retribution for everything and I decided that I should be as ignoramus as possible".

Han replaced the love for his wife with a tremendous hatred towards her. He thought of divorcing her, but having recently converted to Christianity he did not want there to be any wrong by his doing. Hand's actions cause me to think of him as the kind of person who works hard to please everybody. I mean, his Job is to entertain people. Becoming a Christian definitely made him an even greater person in his audience's eyes. When he was in the courtroom he told the judge that he did not know if he was guilty or not, he decided to tell the truth.

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I decided that the best way of being acquitted would be to make a clean breast of everything", "Why not be completely honest". That that is the kind of thing someone who wants to please people would say in his situation. In my opinion Han did not mean to kill his wife; on the contrary, subconsciously he did kill her on purpose. Han would never hit his wife. Yes he was harsh, but never did he physically harm her. Of course that was Just because his conscious told him that that was wrong. Deep down Han wanted to hurt her and rid of her. Even though the

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