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Causes of Ignorance

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Illiteracy is directly related to two main causes; Schools and Parents/Environment. Schools maintain letter grades that represent the performance and outcome of the students. Grades throughout the semester, cumulative grades and final outcomes. When taking a step back and looking at society and seeing how much ignorance and illiteracy there is it really makes you begin to think about whether or not that is not only the type of environment you wish to be in but whether or not you wish to raise your children there. Typically the schools represent the environment. School funding is also a very large problem that is a leading cause of illiteracy.

Many schools simply do not have enough funds to buy the proper, updated and on grade level books. This causes the children to have below average and grade level reading levels, comprehension skills and general knowledge. On a day to day basis parents are blamed for the illiteracy of their children; whether it be because they are not encouraging their children to learn and read, or attend school in general to even try. In many cases the parents are not supportive of their children because they do not want to see them succeed and surpass their families expectations for them.

Perhaps this is because they may feel intimidated or as if the child is overstepping some kind of authoritative boundary. Typically the overall education level of a parent is what determines their behavior towards their children and the kind of future that they want them to achieve. If the child's parent did not go very far in their college career, if any college at all then they usually do not press the importance of graduating with a strong degree to be successful. Some believe that schools may also be to blame because the expectations are set too high. In reality many schools just expect too little.

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Causes of Ignorance

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Many children need challenges in order to further themselves. By marking a level and saying “This is what we feel you need to know by this age. ” it puts realistic expectations. They do this because the testing that is provided at the end of a high school career that is required to be taken, cannot be altered for any child. They need to be prepared for these tests and in order to do well on them classroom standards must be met. Teachers are as supportive as the student allows them to be. Proper measures and steps need to be taken in order for students to live up to those expectations.

Depending on the location of the school, funding is a tremendous problem. You cannot run a school off of nothing. Without proper methods of payment for the teachers, there would be none. Without money to buy the textbooks and teaching supplies, there would be no classes and curriculum for the students to follow. The end result of ill-funded schools is poor educations or none at all. Without proper updated textbooks children would not be kept up on current events; nor would they have the ability to use their common knowledge of today's society.

Comprehension skills, in the context of different teaching/learning theories beginning decades ago, up to theories still used and replaced today. Reading levels and the ability to practice reading skills in order to raise the levels for proper education consumption. Illiteracy is based on three sole factors that I have previously stated. Had many schools had better funds and systems to raise money the illiteracy rate would drop severely. The typical factors will not easily be cared for but with the proper dedication and skills, can steadily decrease illiteracy in children which in turn results in illiterate adults.

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