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The Great Power of Hellsberry!

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As the chilled whisper of wind hits the side of my face, I realised how dazzling, and inspiring this village I was in, really was. The moon shone brightly and luxurious in the sky. It was like a slice of cheese sitting there, ready for it to be taken, and eaten up whole. The colour of blues in the mid-night atmosphere, made it look like the deep ocean. Gentle and tranquil, it stood there, for people's eyes to gleam up, with the brightest of tones that it revealed to the world.

The stars stood out of place, with its glittering and scintillating sparkle of light, like a Christmas tree ready for the blissful times to come in life. The folks looked up and gasped how astonishing the heavens looked, on this crisp and cold night. The gigantic mountains were covered with white gleaming snow. It lay there, waiting for the hands of children to pick it up, and be thrown at one another. The snow as I picked it up, rubbed against the smoothness of my hands. Making them feel bitterly cold, which sent shivers and tingles right through the tips of my fingers.

The black night sky looked very gloomy, as the mist disguised the peak of the mountains. The dull mist made the mountains look very icy and dangerous for anyone bidding to enter this treacherous unknown land. It appeared very 'alien', as you did not know where the sky ended and where the darkness of the land started. The village folk were kept warm as they had their fires alight. The glow from the fires shone through the windows of every house, which reflected a stream of ripples on the surface of the snow, making tiny little crystals glisten and sparkle, just like diamonds.

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Lanterns glow by the sides of beds, shinning through the rooms, making the village beam with warmth, against the background of the dreary hours of darkness. The eye of the beholder could see how magnificent the snow really was. There was a sign of some kind that was partly rotted, and had been blown down by fierce winds. It was covered in snow, and on the edges icicles had formed. I wondered to myself what this mysterious piece of wood was. I scraped the snow and ice off with my bare hands, and it said Welcome to Hellsberry!

The name of this place sounded very familiar, I knew I had heard it before, but where? Then it came into my mind. An old and wise woman once told me about a cave that was near the heart of Hellsberry. A small and mystical cave that lay hidden away in the mountains, near a lake that was frozen all through the year, even in summer. Dead rotting trees lay helpless around the lake, with their brown crinkled leaves blown away by the cold and ferocious winds. No animals strolled through this desolate place any more.

It used to be a beautiful and tranquil place. The valley was green and lush, with brightly coloured and sweet smelling flowers which danced happily to the gentle breeze. Here, all types of animals would come and graze on the long green grass, and laze around under the warmth of the sun shinning above. The deep blue river was plentiful with lots of different sized fish. With its fresh clear water slashing against the side of rocks, making ripples as it gently meandered down hill. The waterfall cascaded over rocks, by the side where tropical flowers grew.

Deers would stride up to the lake to drink from it, while birds would be flying around, chirping and singing to each other. I wanted to find out if this story she told me was really true or not. I arrived at the foot of the mountains, which were a dangerous and risky place for any of mankind to face, after it came and made home in the mountains. Even if mankind were the strongest and bravest on earth, nothing could outwit and defeat this creature of wisdom, fire and great power. It was a creature that many of the villagers were afraid of.

After it came, the place of so much beauty turned to something dark and dismal. Leaves dropped off rotted trees, animals ran like their enemy was chasing after them, the waterfall turned brown and died, flowers were crushed and damaged; the river froze over as the chilled air passed through it. The creature did this but for how long would it carry on? Every full moon for the last 300 years, as the night grew dark, and the bright elegant stars appeared in the mid-night sky, a ball of raging fire would move about the black night background.

A glowing of bright and angry colours made the village come to light as it reflected down on this innocent and helpless place. It grew bigger and brighter every time it appeared in the eyes of the people, and also the people grew more scared every time it was upon them. They had fought bravely against this creature, but failed to keep it away or even destroy it. I was going to change this. The creature lived in the caves upon the white glossy snow of the mountains. The caves ran for miles along the ridge of the mountains, with numerous turns and winding passage ways.

Fire lived in the centre of this mountain, it was the biggest and tallest of all. Hell was placed here for no one to find and seek. The cave was cut deep down amongst snow and ice. Around the area of this large mountain, were frequent snow blizzards. This gave the creature vital protection, as no mankind could reach it. I advanced towards this unknown mountain. There was a collage of deep, dark, grey clouds that gradually got bigger and more furious by the minute, with its forceful power waiting to grasp at anybody entering this place of immorality.

As I advanced further up the mountain I could feel the ice cold snow against the side of my face. I forced myself through the extreme weather conditions of the blizzard. The snow was dragging me to the centre of hell. The pain of the cold grew within me. The noise of the screeching wind passed through the inside of my red frozen ears, like a thousand animals running from what they are a most afraid of in their lives. I ran towards the jagged shaped mouth in the cave, with my soul being pulled back behind me to the centre of the storm.

The snow got heavier and heavier, as I got further to the cave. There I saw a glimmer of light, making the cave light up through the white background. I got further to the middle of hell where this powerful and unpredictable creature awaits. Its life time was about to end. The cave smelled of dead human remains that had been there for centuries, blood was splattered against the sides of the rough toothed rocks. Bones lay in the corner, one on top of each other, I felt more fearful as time went on, and as I discovered more about the secrets behind the cave.

There lay a fire in the middle of the walls. I started to feel vibration under my feet. Something big was coming towards me, I did not know what to expect. It appeared from behind me, a tall dark mysterious figure. It moved closer and closer. I moved back, tripping up over a rock, with blood on it. I banged my head. I was on the floor. My head lay there. I couldn't move. The creature moved even closer. Blood poured down the side of my head. I felt faint. A black figure was in front of me. My eyes closed. I thought to myself what was it?

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