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Good Soldiers Essay

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Causes and Consequences In War and the Iliad, Simons Well and Rachel Bepgle offer opposing interpret editions of the use of physical violence (force) against another person. The Good Soldiers considers force within the context of the Iraq War. In response to these texts, what question or questions do you have about the causes and consequences of force in contemporary life, particularly in war?

For our first major essay, pursue a line of inquiry that explores the problem of hysterical violence, particularly as it relates to our course texts. What leads us to use for CE? What are the consequences that follow from that choice? What role does society plan y In our willingness to hurt or kill others? Are soldiers, who get paid to use force to rest Love conflict, heroes or victims in war? Offer these questions as examples of what you could study. Ultimately, you a responsible for the question that you decide to explore.

My only restriction: y our inquiry must relate to our course readings. Whatever question you decide to address, please incorporate at least two Of 0 our three authors into your essay. In addition, you must also incorporate at least five o outside sources, either in support of your position or to help clarify the thinking of 10th note that your are welcome to include anecdotes from your own life in your essay -? possibly in its introduction. Recommend that you use templates from They Say, I Say in your body appear aphis to summarize, to quote, and/ r to comment on your evidence.

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Good Soldiers Essay

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You are writing for an audience that is unfamiliar with our texts, so you will need to summarize the m as you present your case, where necessary. Beyond that, the essay must follow MEAL and class formatting requirements. A forage rough draft is due on Tuesday, November 4. A seepage draft is due on Friday, November 7. The final draft is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, November 1 1, and must be at least eight pages long not including y our "Works Cited" page.

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