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Good communication skill are essential

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The most comprehensive note taking system requires attention on your part to enhance understanding. Effective note taking is an important practice to master at university. When you think of written sources you need to keep in mind that not all of the text is relevant to you. You need to build your skill of thinking and organising ideas by using main ideas and supporting ideas.

Note taking can be used in abbreviations and you can create your own abbreviation as long as you are the erson who knows what these abbreviations means as we use many strategies for listening note taking, we can also take notes while we are reading. The good way of note taking in reading is that you can write all the references of the text to make it easier for you when you are reviewing your information later on. One way of being an active reader is by using skimming and scanning. They force you to work with a text anticipating, shaping and predicting the text before and during your eading" (Grellier and Goerke, 2010, p. 14). Another way to improve your reading and extend your understanding by developing a systematic form of annotating that way make you to be more active as a reader also to help you find the information easily when you reviewing the text In order to understand and consider the early childhood current interests, development and learning you need to take notes.

As teachers can use these notes to create a complete developmental picture of young children. It can also offer important information for parent/teacher conferences. By developing a system and keeping them objective.

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Good communication skill are essential

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