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In the George Rowel's short story, A Hanging, Orwell is a British police officer who witness an inmate, who is Hindu, being hung to death. While the officers are marching the prisoner to the hanging site, the prisoner comes to a puddle and side steps it. Orwell and some other officers are following behind them and that's when he realize how healthy the prisoner is and disgusted he was of the decision to hang a healthy man.

In the story he was scared to speak up for the prisoner, so that's why he dog was put In the story, the dog was Orwell voice. The dark mood at the beginning shows how Orwell felt during the hanging. The major conflict of the story is Orwell watching a healthy man die right in front of him. After the hanging was done the warders returned to feed the convicts. Everyone was relieved that the hanging was done, even Orwell. Then they started telling each other stories related to hangings. They all laughed at each other, Orwell even found his self laughing at some of the stones.

After everyone finished they went out and had a drink together, forgetting about the dead man. Orwell just needed to get the hanging out of his mind, so he did that by laughing and having a good time. The theme of Orwell story is that the life of any healthy man should never be taken. Today similar things are happening in this world, police officers think that they have power and control over us, they think they can do anything to us, For example, an eighteen year old young man named Michael Brown was shot for no apparent season Michael was Just walking down the street. N a Saturday afternoon, to his grandmother house, when an officer stopped him trying to arrest him just because he was a black male walking and the officer assumed he was some thug carrying a weapon. When the officer tried to arrest him, Michael started running with his hands up in the air, when Michael reached ten yards, the officer shot him. The body was not moved for hours. The officer claimed that he only shot him a couple of times but when they viewed the body It was more than a couple. Police are getting out of control, they are taking Innocent young black male lives.

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That's not the only thing that has happened where a healthy young man done lost his life. This young man was a seventeen year old black male, his name was Adoration Martin. On February 26, 2012, Tyranny was walking back from the store wearing a hooded and carrying a drink and some skittles. The neighborhood watch, George Zimmerman, assumed that he was some bad guy Just because he Is black. Just before the shooting happened George Zimmerman was on the phone with the police saying hat Tyranny looked suspicious and that he was following him, the police told him to stop following him and that they was going to handle it but he didn't listen.

At the time Tyranny was on the phone with his girl friend, and he said that he was being followed so his girlfriend told him to run, before he could do so George Zimmerman got out his truck to confront him. When the cops arrived George Zimmerman told the cops that Tyranny attacked him but most people TLD believe that. Most people thinking that he was up to no good but he was Just trying to get home. Throughout the story Orwell shows how the prisoners are treated. They were treated like animals. The cells they had the prisoners in were like small animal cages.

The prisoners are treated so badly, when they were escorting the man to the hanging spot, it took six guards to escort him but in the story he was described as a puny wisp of a man, which means he was really weak. The officers were being really rough, Orwell said that it was like men handling a fish that is still alive and trying to Jump jack in the water, they were being super aggressive with a weak man. This story also reminds me of when the concentration camps were open in 1940. The Jews were sent their to work at the camps.

The families were split up boys and the men had to go to one side and the girls and women went to the other side. When they split them up they had to take all of their clothes off, get disinfected, after that they were giving new clothes, then they had to get their heads shaved both men and women, last they were assigned to a camp, some people didn't make it if they were eek or sick they got killed with the gas, they would put up to a hundred people in a small little room and kill them all, after that they would cremate the bodies.

They fed them bread and soup, the bread was stale and the soup was old and thick, sometimes the didn't even give them food. They were treated way worse than the prisoners in A Hanging. In conclusion, George Orwell wrote A Hanging to express his feelings. This really happened to him in reality. He poured out his feelings through the dog and the rain. He feels like no individual life should be taken away from them.

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