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Genetic Engineering: Overview

Genetic Engineering – A Curse or a Blessing? What is geneitc engineering? Many struggle to understand the real meaning and outcrops of this complicated, highly expensinve procedure.Genetic Engineering is a direct human manipulation of an organism’s DNA structure.As intricated as it seems, it’s a technology that has been used for decades, and is soon to outbreak into a real “Cloning Aeon”.

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Therefore, how could we know the benefits and the drawbacks of this technique?

Let us take a hinge at the striking, egregious discoveries this subject has brought to the world: from SciFi novels to the first synthetic life forms, from genetical engineered wheat to dreaful mutations of the human bodies. Indeed, it seems as if we are already living the much-dreamt-of blazing, scientific inventions. Still, if so many types of drugs and cures have been made-up from just a few mutations, one may wonder how come the biggest issues regarding human incurable illnesses have not been resolved yet.

No one can deny this: we own a technology way beyond our understanding, we hold a highly destructive power in our rubber science lab gloves, yet we feel listless when facing the most questionable allegation: Where are the cures for Cancer, AIDS and Alzheimer, diseases that break our world apart? Isn’t it curious how scientist try to create artificial lives instead of curing the genuine ones? We should admit that it’s not to be our “contemporany age” anymore. It’s a dawn of biohackers. Biohacking comes along with interests.

Interests come along with strifes. And strifes inevitably lead to casualties. By the same token, millions of people could be left to struggle in an obscure, isolated self-made world in which they think they could be saved. It’s a tryout, it’s a new selection that many conspiracies theories affirm. Although we should not forget the cloned Dolly sheep and the rest of the pioneers in this area, I dare say that genetic engineering has not yet proved to be something more than a handicap to what human society might mean.

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