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Opportunity Nowadays lifestyle is fast, whatever children, working period and everyone have not enough time to take care of their health, at the same time, and most of people are interested taking care of their health by used the supplementary product (pill or brew-drink). Moreover health is nowadays significant to several individuals. Because of this, supplementary food merchandises are widely traded. On the other hand in hurriedly time BASE (Beauty, Strong and Easy (Consume)) supplementary product is the new and different way for everyone.

BASE supplementary product can be convenient easy, because the supplementary product in type of candy is can save the time no matter when working or car driving, on the other hand the candy supplement product does not need any water to devour. Unfortunately, not everyone is in a position to get all of the nutrients they need from their food. Here are three reasons why some people use dietary supplements instead: 1 . Physical stress decreases the body's ability to absorb nutrients from food. Have you ever been so tense before a school exam that you threw up or otherwise felt sick?

If you have, then you know firsthand that stress can disrupt your digestive system. Many people work in stressful environments that produce physical stress (e. G. , construction workers), emotional stress (e. G. , counselors), and mental stress (e. G. , accountants and lawyers). In these environments, people's bodies may experience reduced efficiency at extracting nutrients from food. Consequently, people often have to use dietary supplements to keep their bodies healthy. 2. Dietary supplements can compensate for poor cooking.

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Many people are busy enough that they have to (a) eat fast food or (b) cook quickly for themselves. In either case, the food consumed by such people might simply lack the necessary nutrients for a healthy human being. It is a no-brainier, therefore, for people to use dietary supplements. 3. Unusual health requirements force some people to take dietary supplements. With the help of a doctor, some people (e. G. , pregnant mothers and drug addicts) determine that they need additional nutrients in their diet in order to remain healthy.

While these needs can be temporary, they can also be permanent, requiring people to use supplements throughout their lives. Normal, healthy people can get all the nutrients they need from the food they eat. Unfortunately, not everyone is as healthy as they would like to be. For the reasons discussed above, many people need to take dietary supplements. Obviously, this should be done under the guidance of a competent physician. Market Target The target market of the BASE supplement can be anybody who needs vitamins to consume.

Because many entrepreneurs see that the target market group really has high purchasing power to purchase the product and base on their common need. Consequently, this target market group really concern about their health and beauty, skin and body shape. In addition, a certain groups at risk of deficiencies should use supplements can divided as following below All pregnant and breastfeeding women should take vitamin D supplements women trying to conceive and women in the first educe their child's risk of neural tube defects such as spine biffed. ? People aged 65 and over should take vitamin D supplements People with darker skin and people who are not exposed too much sun should take vitamin D supplements All children aged six months to five years should be given a supplement containing vitamins A, C and D Figure 1 - Vitamins needs Diagram Product and Service Design SF is a method for developing a design quality aimed at satisfying the consumer and then translating the consumer's demand into design targets and major quality assurance points to be used throughout the production phase.

Our group will take the random population to find out the voice of customer for the Candy Supplement product, by use the interview method and questionnaire method to collect the data. As a result, the voice of customer for the BASE Supplement product is different because the need of customer is base on their personal need. We can identify as below table: Figure 2 - Personal need Diagram Product Layout The top of BASE Candy Box BASE candy 3. 2 g. Egg. 2 CM Inside of Package included 30 seeds of 12 CM.

Front Cover of the Packaging of BASE Candy Supplement Figure 3 - Product and Packaging Design Marketing Program Product Strategy Product Line- BASE candy supplement is available in 3 kind of flavor. The three are (1) Candy created for people who are use for support other remainder on the body of people. Consequently, the BASE candy included many benefit such as -Good Health -White Skin -Fresh -Burn Calorie Packaging- the BASE Candy packaging made from cardboard paper.

Price Strategy the BASE (Beauty, Strong, Easy (consume)) price is 490 baht per 30 seed. That price has a little bit high cost, because if the company set the price more than 500 baht as a exult, the customer will change their mind and change to buy other product. Promotion Strategy actually we have two promotions, key promotions are member promotion and buying promotion. Member Promotion - The customer should register and pay annual fee for BASE Supplement's company member card in order to get discount 5 % of products. The loyal customer of BASE Supplement's company will get discount 10 % of products. Buying Promotion -Promotion per monthly and per year -Customer buying two box set of product, the company will give discount coupons for using the next time (depends on company's policy) Place (Distribution) Strategy -The BASE supplement product will was distributed in Drug store, and sale in malls around Thailand. - The BASE supplement product distributed on company's website. The BASE supplement product will launch by social network such as Backbone, Mainstream, and Twitter. It is more convenient to customer that they cannot go to buy the product at drug store or far. They choose goods and payment such as credit card, application on mobile etc. Moreover the website have pictures and clips of The BASE Supplement in order to customer determine and confident in supplementary food. Then the company will send parcel post to the buyer's address.

SOOT Analysis in the company Strengths: * It's the herbal candy to eat without water * It's durable and beautiful packaging format * It can use in every generations * Low sugar * Many benefits * Easy to buy * Can keep a long time Weakness: * Diversity of competitors * Expensive for child * No advertising reach consumers * Health concern trend * Weight control trend * Popularity * High quality * Growth economic * Government support about health care Threats: * Some materials hard to find * Is a business that high investment Product Process Misunderstanding's formula (no color added.

Free of preservatives)' There are several types of herbs. Can use as needed such as Okra, chrysanthemum, licorice, ginger, lemon, orange, coca, panda, Stateliness, berry, cherry, quince, etc.. Candy and good quality be directly produced from herbs. Without the use of synthetic fragrances and colors. This may be harmful to consumers. How to prepare the herbs. Each type uses a different method to get out. Here are split into 2 groups. First Grouchiest use dry flowers and fruits. The group spent part of the trunk, such as okra, liquorices, chrysanthemum, ginger etc. Principles used herbal preparations.

Boiled it slowly may be used 1 part herbs immigrated 1 part boil gently until get water, test, smell, color, and other properties of the herbs tried stew to the most concentrated. Concentrated herbs that can be used to produce candies herbs taste. Need to do day to day. Because herbal concentrates stored for up to one day, if not lose them. If you need to keep them long times may be frozen in the refrigerator. Herbal that we get should be filtered to clean sludge and sediment. Second Groups which use water form fruit such as Citrus, Orangeades group to reserve the natural quality of the nutrients and vitamins in it.

Can not to boil it. Candy production process 1 . Boiled water to boil, Then immediately reduce the heat to slowly pour the sugar into the melted slowly stir the fire is now very weak. If a gas flame to fade to a minimum. If the electric power to almost boiling temperature is to use the heat to very low. If you use high heat to burn sugar. 2. Later sugar melts. Glucose syrup is added to stirring gently until well combined. Final concentration was added to the herbs. Beat together well when it is put into the water at first to be almost completely evaporated.

I think the water evaporates. Quickly pour this mixture into the mold immediately. Forms designed to remove them. Dry and hard candy to come out easily. Hard candies that will be long. Need to use chainsaws or saws to cut bread. Cut out the candy pieces are cut to size as needed. For multiple years, the cans should be storage with the lid closed. Improving formulations If you want to cool with the addition of menthol to about 0. 1-1% along with the herbs. Cooling effects of menthol taste is a bit transparent. Elf the concentration of flavors. Citric acid may be added to the 0. %.

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