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Facts about Knowledge Management

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Knowledge management in an organisation means to capture the knowledge that is critical to them, constantly improve it and make it available in the most effective manner to those who need it. There are two types of knowledge explicit and tacit. Explicit knowledge is a kind of knowledge that can be expressed in formed E. g following a procedure. Tacit knowledge is influenced by emotions and beliefs E. g Respect, relationships. Bovis case study throws a light how knowledge management can be difficult for organisations operating globally.

There is friction in transfer of knowledge due to cultural factors and sometimes even due to language barriers. Bovis model helps reduce these frictions. In his model group cohesion among members of the knowledge mnanagement team was promoted so that communication barriers are removed. There was weekly conference calls, also team meeting every 6 months in different geographic locations. To remove language barrier english was made as the base language and e-mail acted as a mechanism that communicated queries and solutions in a commom base vehicle.

Hoarding of knowledge is a common practice which can lead to limitations to successful communication of knowledge between providers and seekers. Bovis model helps to mitigate these limitations through motivational tactics and linking employee usage to performance reviews. The success of the bovis model lies in the knowledge management team structure and the method he adopted to monitor the success of the knowledge management initiative. Bovis model shows how complex isuues associated with successful implementation of knowledge management in business can be dealt.

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Facts about Knowledge Management

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