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You will want to interview more than two people to get good material, but you must include quotations or paraphrases from two people who are identified by name and their university of Illinois affiliation or other local tie. At the end of your story, make an Informal source list. Include websites and background resources. Include contact Information for your Interviewees for possible use In verification. For both direct and indirect quotations, be sure to attribute your information to a primary source document, to your interviewees, or to other sources.

Remember that o cannot use information from other news outlets. For example, instead of quoting the Associated Press, track down the sources the AP used and quote those documents or people from your own direct contact, if you want to use the information. Be sure to answer the who, what, when, where and why of your story. And the how. Explanatory stories tell how. You may use a feature lead or a summary lead. Possible outline l. Attention-getting lead that uses an anecdote or sets a scene (one or two paragraph II. Nut Graff. Why this is a story now - some sort of news peg that includes 5 Was.

Ill. Quotation from source that backs up the lead or nut Graff. IV. More facts about topic. V. Quotation that explains the facts or reacts to them. VI. More facts, reaction, quotations VI'. Strong ending. Telling fact or punchy quotation. What kind of story An Interesting one. Http://www. Washington's. Com/WAP-sir/special/metro/urban- story describes owl encounters and Incorporates quotations. It also builds In natural links too map of the area and a Youth video. Communications Library; Enter 122 Gregory Hall and then go downstairs 2 to 5 Wednesdays and 1 to 5 Thursdays

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