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Explain the importance of environment for SLC

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Explain the importance of the environment in supporting speech, language and communication development Environment is very important in any setting, in supporting speech, language and communication development. The environment which we provide for the children will contribute a lot in their development. A poor environment will not develop speech, language and communication as healthy as it should. Environments that are dull, boring and unchallenging could result in less use of speech, language and communication from children’s along with loud, noisy or chaotic environment would not help them develop either. If there is music playing in the background, children would find it hard to concentrate on what is being said and heard by them, it would mean as adults we are not providing the accurate support for interaction between adults and children.

They would find it hard to be heard and focused on when they are trying to communicate. It is as important we ensure they are receiving good and positive environment in and out of the setting. If a setting has a warm and welcoming atmosphere along with polite and approachable staff, this would help in creating an environment for speech, language and communication development. To ensure the right environment is set, you should consider looking from a child’s view and should reduce noise and distractions, having a lot of symbols and pictures around would make children more active and help their visual skills. The lights need to be right, sunlight is important and making sure there is some in the setting as this enables children to see your face and how using facial expressions are a key part of communication. The colour of a setting is as important as this connects with their emotions this is like the first thing they would notice in a setting.

Having dark and dull colours would not help their emotion development. A Bright and Joyful colour ensures happiness, lively, warm and attractive to look at. Just an example having a reading area I would suggest it be near a window with plenty of sunlight, in a corner with curtains to ensure noise is kept to a minimum and visual distractions could be avoided. Communicating areas should not be overcrowded and cluttered. Activity areas would be the side where you have many pictures, symbols and signs to show direction and games and puzzles to help improve the development. Making timetables for daily activities could help with being more confident in a setting by learning and picking up

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Explain the importance of environment for SLC

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