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Existential Psychology and Humanistic Approach: Use in Modern Perspective

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Use in modern perspective. Focus on how it relates to happiness

Difference: humanist + side of human related to sex and aggression

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  • Which statement about Freud’s theory of personality is FALSE?
  • The most important aspects of personally development are finished by age 6
  • The ego continues to develop as you grow
  • The id is present at birth
  • The ego must balance the demands of the id and super-ego
  • The id is entirely unconscious.
  • The ego is entirely conscious

Difference: ego - super ego

  • Ego: the eye since of self, intelligence ore rational
  • Super ego: (over-eye) develop early on Demand of your culture, what your culture (good boy or girl) should or shouldn’t do.

Ex: good person won’t have sex In this defense mechanism, an individual acts in a manner opposite to their true desires or motives.


You displace your anger on something or someone else Projection Instead of admiting it to yourself you accuse everyone else of it

  • Reaction formation.
  • Regression.
  • Using a baby talk.
  • Denial Act as if something isn’t happening .
  • Defense mechanism do exist.
  • He’s probably wrong about people se it by unconscious.

There are many reasons that contribute to our attraction to others. One of the best predictors in selecting and developing interpersonal and romantic relationships is

  • Mere exposure effect
  • Is why proximity is such a good predictor
  • Just seeing them won’t influence it as much as the other one
  • Personality characteristics
  • Commonalities in parental behavior
  • Physical proximity
  • How close you live to each other
  • They are there and you get to know them, b/c they live close to you
  • What is familiar is more appealing then what isn’t
  • Age Defense mechanisms are enacted by the id the ego
  • The super-ego
  • Both the ego and the super ego
  • Both the id and the super-ego

In love we experience feelings of euphoria, intimacy, and intense sexual attraction, in love, we experience affection, trust, and concern, for a partner’s well-being.

Passionate, companionate

  • Companionate deals with oxytocin
  • Passionate deals with dopamine (like with drugs)

Research has consistently demonstrated five core components of personality. Which of the following is not one of the Big Five personality traits?

  • Agreeableness
  • Extraversion to neutral
  • Openness to experience
  • Narcissism – to neutral

Which of the big 5 is associated with school and work success? (along with predicting IQ)


What do obedience to authority and a tendency to reciprocate other’s favors have in common? Norms (unwritten standards for behavior or how people will react to one other) Differ from culture to culture No one is going to sit u down tell you Ex: you will obey an officer (or people in position of authority) When your friend does really well on a test, he says it’s b/c he is smart. If he fails, he says it’s b/c the test was really hard. This is an ex of which of the following? Extraversion Denial Sublimation

Self-serving bias

We have a general good look of our self Look at outside reason why we didn’t do so well. repression The tendency for people to engage in explains why some people prefer negative evaluation over positive ones and also seek mate who view them poorly.

Traits allow us to predict behavior in specific situations. Only over time, not in situations Intelligence is not a personality trait According to the people  aggress when their goals are thwarted. Researches have discovered a gene associated w/ serotonin availability in the frontal love. This gen is also related to the personality trait of neuroticism The Zimbardo prison study has been cited as an example that: negative situation pressures often outweigh personality traits.

When ppl in angry mobs, they may not be aware of their own standards of behavior. This may be due to: Reciprocal altruism. This is in the ex of who is going to come forth to do the work When someone needs help & it isn’t clear if it’s a emergency When there is a crowd- people act like it’s fine then u assume it’s fine too When u are by yourself, u don’t have reference of others so u r more likely to help Deindividuation Group polarization

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