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Example of a journal

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Composition II was a great experience for me. I have learned many things that I did not have any Idea about It. I remember that I used to write Just because I had to do It. I was not aware of the mistakes that I made. Now, everything Is completely different because I learned the right way to elaborate a paragraph and an essay. I know that at the beginning of the semester, told you that I did not like to write at all. As I went through this subject, I changed my mind because learned to enjoy while writing.

I realized that I can express my ideas, feelings and thoughts through writing. Writing is as living in another world, in my world. Let me tell you that I have learn many things from you not only In English Composition but also in the English levels. I have had the opportunity to take four subjects with you. And I have learned that you are such a great teacher that the most difficult task with you becomes easy. I really want to thank you for being such a comprehensive teacher. You have a nice personality.

I think you are the kind of person who was born to teach because you have been patient while we were learning how to write. I look up to you for having that virtue of patience. You are the kind of person that inspires and encourages people to continue when De path seems difficult. I also thankful for having taken the time to clarify our doubts even when you were busy. Your pieces of advice have been very useful for me because as I followed them, I shaped my writing style. I feel satisfied because of the progress I have made in writing.

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There is a big difference between how I used to write and the way I write after taking Composition with you. You have had a big influence in the way I write now. I want to thank you for everything you have taught me. You are an excellent teacher. Let me tell you that I have a special affection for you. You are a very nice person. Definitely, the world needs more teachers Like you. Thank you for making a difference In your students' lives. " It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. "

Example of a journal essay

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