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Ethics in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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They have bad ways of advertising and marketing their products. They are sometimes caught up in cases involved with environmental problems due to their ways disposing waste material. They are known to have the most devious methods of testing their drugs. They are also known to find loop holes in the law in order to get their products on the market. Pharmaceutical companies have been known to have many marketing tactics that have hidden agendas. Pharmaceutical reps provide funds for different events and activities. Most of these activities have to do with the medical field.

They offer scholarships to medical students, nurses and as many medical field careers they can. "Strategies with unclear or hidden promotional intent included teleconferences directly and indirectly sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. In some cases pharmaceutical representatives established the By unhinging attendees. " (Wisped) This is not Just, fair or right it is wrong in many senses. The attendees under the influence/ notion that teleconferences are hosted by people who ally have an honest interest in getting the right medicine out.

These people are advertising medicines that they probably would not drink themselves if pharmacy reps could ask themselves the golden question- "Would I want anyone else to treat me in the way I am treating them? " Our market would be safer. In conclusion pharmaceutical companies exploit the market to sell their product. I do not like the way they do business and a lot of honesty would do us all better. After all medication is essential in our world today proper advertising would still help sell their drugs.

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Ethics in the Pharmaceutical Industry essay

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