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Ethics and Legal Issues

Kent has to deal with some ethical and possibly legal issues in the marketing of his game “Lucky”. Ethically he has to figure out if it is acceptable to market a game that focuses on nudity, violence, and gambling. As far as legal issues, is it legal to market these things in foreign countries and even online.

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If they can market this game in other countries they will have to change portions of the game for each of the countries that Brad has looked into targeting. Kent has basically two options. Discontinue the development of the game due to moral and ethical issues.

Or he could go along with what Brad has suggested and market foreign countries. The question here seems to be is it worth the trouble it could bring to market nudity, violence, and gambling? Or should they just go in a different direction that would be less of a moral and ethical issue. Sex, violence, and gambling are basically everywhere these days. There are ads on television all the time that use sex to sell anything from beer to cars. Movies these days play off all three of these. Video games for kids these days promote violence all the time.

Just look at Las Vegas, they openly market sex on the street as you walk down the road. And clearly it is know for gambling. Casinos are starting to pop up everywhere these days, not to mention that almost every state has a lottery. It is all accepted, but some people find it unacceptable, especially if they have young children. Marketing sex, violence, and gambling in other countries is acceptable if it is a part of their culture. But then again it comes down to a moral issue for the people or company that is involved.