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Essay on Data Base Security

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The article portraits about Cyber Security and Imperative factors of it.  Mainly Confidentiality, Integrity, and availability known as CIA and its risk mitigation. It is a prototype designed to guide policies for data security within every Organization. Each organization has its own forms of data, for instance, Facebook. It has useful information like full name, email, phone number, address, friends, family, behavior and educational background etc. which is nothing but meaningful data. However, this is just an example of human data. There are other types of data where an organization can have financial, transactional, health care, real estate etc.

So, ensuring data security, Integrity, and availability of all such types of data is the typical task for every Organization. The organization spends millions of dollars to ensure CIA. Even after spending Millions of Dollars for data protection, the data is getting compromised. CIA Triad or CIA together forms Network security cycle. Confidentiality: It's vaguely equivalent to privacy where data will be accessed by authorized persons. They can be given privileges either of viewing, editing, sharing, downloading or all of that. Data encryption is the common method to ensure it. Integrity: Ensuring that data is reliable and accurate over its entire life cycle and data fluctuation should not happen while transferring, transmitting data through multiple channels. Availability: System, network, and data is available to the user in order to retrieve the data multiple time, without any disruptions by maintaining proper backups and safe and secure data storage.

As per mentioned in the article, Next Gen 911 runs on Internet protocol (IP) platform which enables both public and private networks integrating wireless network, internet, and phone network to single platform. NG 911 is an enhanced version of 911, which have more type of communications like text, image, video, and voice calls adding (PSAP) public safety answering points to Next Gen 911. They have a rigid system including Internet protocol-based network, services, database and assets involving CIA.

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However, as we all know that every coin has a flip side, Next Gen 911 is no exception. Risks are the major aspects in this contemporary situation as we are coming across many data breach incidents in real day to day life. For example, companies such as Facebook, Yahoo, Uber, Equifax, etc. have faced such occurrences recently.  NG911 Risk and its mitigation Potential threats can completely harm the system. NG911 has the severe possibility of threats such as data breach, malware, unauthorized network access, inside threats, malfunction application, and unauthorized data access. Such vulnerabilities will weaken the system and network, which can happen form external or internal threat that will open access to the network. Consequences of such vulnerabilities will degrade the system performance.

Mitigating risks can be done by identifying, prioritizing, evaluating, responding, recovering from the impact of the risk by using strong cybersecurity frameworks. The famous example of Facebook A data scientist at Global Science Research (GSR) started developing an app known as “This is your digital life” for Cambridge Analytica (CA). It gave them access to millions of Facebook users and their friends and family accounts. The total number of affected accounts is estimated at more than 50 million. They offered a psychological test in exchange for money. Slowly this application started collecting user information and gave the details to Cambridge Analytica.

After CA collected the data, they tried to rig the US 2016 presidential elections by influencing US votes. It came to limelight when one of the ex-employees from CA alerted media about the bad practices used by the company. An investigation started after a telecast broadcasted by a British media channel where a recorded video of that ex-employee was aired which was then followed by many other media channels. The founder and CEO of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg accepted the wrongdoing and was proven guilty for allowing collection of data through its platform. He later apologized for this data breach. One such example is from India, where few political parties are accusing each other of being tied up with CA which has been involved in compromising the data.

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