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Esports Essay

E-Sports is the perfect industry for someone who is motivated, driven and passionate about competitive gaming to become involved with. E-Sports is an industry submersed in the gaming industry where competitive gamers can make a living by playing in tournaments and leagues as professional athletes, much like a professional athlete would in mainstream sports such as football or hockey. The points that make it such an enticing venture are not simply that you are able to play video games for a living, but the equality, passion and opportunities that help create and define the industry.

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Fair play on a global capacity is something not regularly seen in this era. With so many groups defining who people are or aren’t, finding something that has the ability to include everyone no matter what their race, religion or gender is, is truly inspiring. Being able to be a part of something so revolutionary that can, if given the opportunity and acceptance, could literally change the way we as people see and interact with the world around us. In many sports such as tennis or football –soccer for Americans- there are divisions of age and gender, not to mention the logistical problems of competing globally.

With so many restrictions forced upon people in sports it is not surprising that preconceived notions such as male superiority or you dominance are still widely accepted. E-Sports on the other hand allows you to compete with men, women, children, adults, black, white, atheist or Muslim; these sort of restrictions don’t exist making E-Sports a truly fair and equal platform for not only competition but as an industry as a whole. The state of being connected globally opens many doors for you as well.

Whether you wish to continue on playing as a professional gamer, or whether you have different ambitions of being a journalist, or the CEO of a company, or even just a job in marketing or graphic design; E-Sports offers this and more. As well there is a clear opportunity to begin networking at a very young age if you desire. For instance if you wish to go into journalism, you may wish to work at an E-Sports media outlet or team organization writing articles and providing coverage at events.

Or perhaps you would like to pursue a future in business, for this you may wish to join a media outlet or team organization in a different capacity such as a manager, PR officer or the head of marketing. Through these –and other- jobs within the industry you will be able to begin networking with large corporations and organizations who are involved in the industry developing personal relationships which can last a lifetime. Being able to network and develop your business skills in a real world capacity can help advance your education as well as your career.

This leads us to passion and motivation and whether or not you have the desire and will to pursue your dreams. E-Sports is an industry built on passion, where people do what they do because they love doing it. Living your life by someone else’s rules is not really living your life; you need to follow your passion to be happy. The beauty of E-Sports is that it is so diverse, from the people involved to the variety of professional opportunities available to you.

It is very easy to meet people with similar interests and gain a new perspective on the things you love. One aspect of E-Sports that stands out above most others is traveling and competing in events. The passion and determination of professional gamers is incredibly high; not knowing if they will make it out of the group stage and have the chance at the $45,000 available for first place that they desperately need to pay the bills and continue on playing creates a lot of passion and drive to play their best and win.

This passion only spills over into the business side of the industry, as the behind the scenes people are just as passionate about developing and improving the industry as a whole. A constant hunger for improvement and success fills the E-Sports industry making it very lucrative for passionate young gamers. The only limitations you have are the ones you place upon yourself, so as long as you are passionate and dedicated, you will have a chance to succeed and accomplish your dreams. Overall E-Sports is a small industry, however it makes up for it with its various aspects.

Many people overlook E-Sports simply because it is competitive video gaming and the people involved are construed as social introverts. However that is not the case and their ignorance impedes them from seeing what E-Sports really is; people coming together because of their common passion, creating a fair and truly global phenomenon. It is these essential building blocks –equality, opportunity and passion- that create an industry that is perfect for someone who is passionate and motivated towards competitive gaming.

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