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Eli Lily and CICS as a Source for Product Team

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They have DEED problems, which lead to feeling personal embarrassment; Question their role In their relationships; Sense of unfairness to their female partners; trained relationships; Self-identity problems; questioning role in all contexts of life; questioning place in the world.

Where? - From a local drugstore; directly from a Doctor; from a mail order drugstore; Not usual drug store; another party getting it; in other countries.

How? - They intake prescription to engage in intimacy with sexual partner. SOOT Analysis Strengths: 1 Eli Lily and CICS is a great source for product team.

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Eli Lilly have plenty experience to bring drugs to the market. CICS have strong technical competence with proven trench in clinical result. 2 Compared to Vicarage, Scalia can last up to 36 hours, unaffected by meals, rare visual Irregularities etc. 3 Good operationally and financially positioned to enter the market.


  1. Low compound Annual Growth Rates (CARR) In Germany (3. 6%) and France (14. 8%) Much lower value than comparable countries such as the US. This may lead to low return in these markets. Brayer's likely positioning as a "niche" drug treating diabetes along with DEED, limits the strategies that Lilly CICS LLC can explore ND employ.
  2. CICS have no marketing competence to date. How much control will they realistically have marketing decisions given their lack of experience? Will their lack of marketing competence slowdown elements of the launch/ complicate processes?
  3. Promoting to couples (both married and living together) in a combined campaign.
  4. The high dropout rates of Vicarage after first year offers potential targeting for Lilly CICS LLC.


  1. Little evidence of market research conducted in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Australia.
  2. Competitive reaction of Pfizer could prohibit Lilly CICS LLC Clans" compete with the advertising "blitz" that Pfizer have exercised?

Marketing strategy suggestion

  • Price - Since Scalia is going to face to face compete with Vicarage, we highly recommend it launch at the same price with Vicarage. It is easy for customer to accept a safer and longer-lasting DEED drug at the original price.


Lilly CICS LLC are in charge of manufacturing the drug, at which point they distribute he drug to wholesalers. Given the unattractiveness of the channel for wholesalers and the low margin that is obtained, a 5%increase may give Lilly CICS LLC more influence over the terms of the arrangement. This would also encourage the wholesaler to distribute more extensively and effortlessness more favorable terms such as buying back stock unsold.


Directly sell drugs to the patients who have DEED problem via doctors would be a very good way to reach target consumer.


  1. Free sampling: Since Scalia is the direct competitor of Vicarage, send free sampling to Vicarage user would be a very good way to reach target consumer.
  2. Advertisement in hospital Scalia is a safer and longer-lasting DEED medicine, patient in hospital can get more advice from doctors after they saw the advertisement.
  3. Website advertisement Physician website or Patients and partner website would be a very good way to add exposure of the new product.

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