Grading System


This document studies how users respond to the grading system and how effective the system that will help them for easy access to the information of the student into the school. Our system has an easy way to induce more effort from activities in school and to help them to reduce time effort. This study contributes to the literature in two ways. First, it studies the distributional effects of a change in grade per semester/term of the student. Second, it provides as evidence to the student on their effort to that particular semester/term. Inside this document you will see how our system works in the society especially for education related. On the other hand, standard depends on the performance of the student in the class. The student decision on how much effort to devote to learning, using the data of the student by putting/saving it to the database will be more reliable and easy to find when needed.

Statement of the Problem

Due to have some overtime and hard work of the worker, we acquire to make this program so that it can help the user to reduce time effort and make an easy access to the records and performance of the student in class. Using much materials on how to store data will waste the users time and work.

Background Study

Harvest Christian College was formally launched in the education field in 1996. The Academy has since been known to offer high standard of elementary to high school education. They have facilities that help them to establish an organized place.

Significance of the Study

-It can help teachers and instructors to their work. An organize view of the information of the student will make an easy process to see the performance of the student depending on the term/grading. It also provide as evidence to the user on how the student works on their grades.


– Reduces time effort of the users, information capable of identifying the
needs of the users of a particular documentation system.

-It reduces the much use of the programs that will use.

Objective of the study

General Objective
The general objective of our system is to improve the ways of the users on how they view the grades and help them to see the information of the student, only school related topics (Grades, Section, and Subjects).

Specific objectives:
1. To develop a better view of grades.
2. To Provide information to the instructors.
3. To view an observable behavior on the part of the subject.
4. To reduce the time effort of the user.

Scope and Delimitation

-This study includes Harvest Christian College on how they work -Viewing and computing grades of the students.
-The output information about the students (sections, names).

-The study does not cover any other classroom or facilities that do not use computer connections. -It displays only the grades related; it will not further displays any information such as birthdate, etc.

Conceptual Framework

-you will type the user name and password for the access.

-computing grades of the students.

-it will display the students name and grades.

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