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Effectiveness of Educational Technology”

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The purpose of this research “ Effectiveness of Educational Technology” “From a Department of Education 1995 forum, some panelists contended that rather than debating the connections between technology-based instruction and test scores, schools should focus on the most obvious and compelling reason form implementing technology-namely, those students needs strong technology skills to succeed in the world of work. From research studies it shows positive benefits from the use of technology for educational purposes. The data method use to collect this information was “First, a U. S. Department of Education-funded study of nine technology-rich schools, concluded that the use of technology resulted in educational gains for all students regardless of age, race, parental income, or other characteristics. The second, a 10-year study supported by Apple Computer, Inc.

Concluded that student provided with technology-rich learning environments ‘continued to perform well on standardized tests but were also developing a variety of competencies not usually measured. ” Some success seen by there research, rising scores on state tests, improved student attendance, increased student comprehension, self motivation, more parent/ teacher support improved student retention. Another issue the research hoped to confront was the possibility of negative effects from prolonged exposure to computers.

Some critics have worried those students who use computers extensively will become ‘brain-dead’ or less social from looking at the computer screen all day. At the end of two years, the researchers learned that some of their worst fears had been groundless. ” In a 1994 Software Publisher's Association (SPA) study, research found that: Educational technology has a significant positive impact on achievement in all subject areas, across all levels of school, and in regular classrooms as well as those for special-needs students.

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Effectiveness of Educational Technology”

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Educational technology has positive effects on student attitudes. The degree of effectiveness is influenced by the student population, the instructional design, the teacher’s role, how students are grouped, and the levels of student access to technology. Technology makes instruction more student-centered, encourages cooperative learning, and stimulated increased teacher/student interaction. Positive changes in the learning environment evolve over time and do not occur quickly. ”

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