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Effective management

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Appendix D and E illustrates a strategic recruitment process and selection steps which involves seven components and ten steps respectively. As analyzed in Appendix F, recruitment process in Cameron does consist of the seven components as the organisation finds it important to use all these strategies which help them to select the best candidate from the rest for the job at hand. However, as analyzed in Appendix G, background check is not being implemented during the selection process. We shall now analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the activities involved.

According to Compton, Morrissey and Nankervis (2009), employee requisition is able to help organisation determine the need of employees and as a means to control employees' size. With the help of online employee requisition, Cameron is able to keep the information needed for filling the position and is a good planning sheet for the recruitment process as it allows recording of the date/deadline for filling the position. In addition, it allows identifying the source for advertising and the desired budget. A thorough conducted job analysis provides benefits for the human resource cycle and the organisation as whole (Aswathappa 2005).

The advantage is that it improves the liaising between Cameron and recruitment agents by providing accurate information, thus more effective in selecting suitable job candidates. However, it may be time consuming and requires expertise if a job is changed significantly due to purchase of new machines or improved technology. Advantages and disadvantages of using internal recruitment methods as per stated by Mckenzie (2009) are shown in Appendix H. Cameron do finds that recruiting internally is a good source as candidates know the business and what will be expected of them, they can then become effective in the new job quickly.

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Recruiting from within also aid in lowering the recruitment cost if budget is the main concern. The disadvantages are that the successful candidate may suffer role conflict in that they are now senior to the people with whom they previously worked with on equal level. Infighting occurs as well as only one employee is selected for the job, this will further leads to mistrust among those applied for the position. Advantages using external recruitment methods are that it provides much wider range of people to choose from and prevent ripple effect (Sim 2002).

Cameron observed that new comers bring in new ideas which improve the business and are likely to be more mobile than existing staff. According to Sim (2002), the disadvantage is that it takes time for the new comer to get used to his or her new employer, and therefore the new comer will not be performing effectively for the initial period. Cameron does encounter such issue whereby the new comer leaves shortly after joining the organisation, it causes loss in recruitment costs and thus additional cost might incurred due to replacement needed.

Appendix H illustrates a summary table on advantages and disadvantages of external recruitment methods. Usage of application form and resumes are to shortlist all the candidates so as not to waste time with candidates who do not fit the job description and specification. This method is considered as the most efficient in terms of time and money. However, some of the questions such as gender and age asked in the application form are not in favour to Equal Employment Opportunity. Use of test assist in selection process by eliminating unsuitable candidates and reduce time taken if there is a large pool of candidates (Parus 2006).

Cameron uses IQ test and technical test during pre-interview short-listing of candidates for the position of machinist. The drawback is that it only ascertain that the person have that quality but does not determine that the person will use it on the job. Appendix I portrays the range of cost and validity for various testing techniques. According to Roberts (2004), open-ended questions allow the interviewer to probe deeper into the initial responses of the interviewee to gain a more detailed answer to the question.

The richness of the data is therefore entirely dependent on the interviewer. Unstructured approach allows interviewee to talk about their experience freely and interviewee is able to have complete control over the content of the interview (Roberts 2004). Nevertheless, unstructured one-to-one approach may lead to bias due to inconsistency in the way interviewees are asked questions about certain issues and as only one person is on the panel (Rajendra Kumar 2008). It will be more time consuming as interviewees may take up too much time in expressing their thoughts.

Pre-employment checkup benefits both employer and prospective employee by making sure that employee is able to do the job safely without risking their life and others. Employer benefited by getting to know the health condition of prospective employee so as not to increase their liability on future medical costs. Controversy, organisation incurred higher cost by providing free pre-employment checkup and there are times that this cost is wasted when candidates rejected job offer after going through pre-employment checkup. RECOMMENDATION

After reviewing Cameron's recruitment and selection process, few recommendations for improvement are suggested according to their importance. There are some methods which can be used to measure the effectiveness of recruitment and selection, such as labour turnover, absenteeism and productivity. To be effective, it has to attract a pool of candidates who are suitable for the job. There should be low turnover and absenteeism rate which shows that employees are satisfy with their job and are willing to work for the organisation. 1) Firstly, I would suggest conducting a HR audit that covers the entire recruitment and selection process.

This audit will bring out the existing positives and highlight areas for improvement within the organisation's recruitment cycle. 2) Instead of one-to-one interview, it will be good to have a panel of interviewers as interviewers are able to get valuable feedback from each other thus better decision can be made. This will reduce the amount of time needed for the recruitment process and higher chances of getting the right candidate for the job. 3) Other than having only unstructured interview questions, it is suggested to implement structured interview questions which can avoid favouritism.

This makes the process more efficient by using up less time and only gathering relevant information. 4) It is essential to conduct reference check in order to know how candidate was in his/her last job and if they have any bad records that might cause problems. It also provides further confidential information and ensures that the information provided by the applicant is accurate.

Inaccurate information will leads to employing the wrong candidate. 5) Cameron may consider making their application for available online and offline. This allows the HR department to receive and review the application instantly.It is also recommended to revise the current application form so as to align to the standard of Equal Employment Opportunity.


Effective management of the recruitment and selection process can ensure that the best candidate is chosen every time. By having the best quality of staff, Cameron will be able to provide the best quality of service to their customers. Through providing the best quality service to all their customers, Cameron will be able to achieve brand loyalty, which will add to the overall success of the company.

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