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Economic Government and Law

Name: Miss Lalita Middle Name Leila Surname Miller Student Number: 9091439387H Year: 8, SD, WB Teacher Name/Code: Kruske/KRUSKO Subject: SOSE Essay about Economics, Government and the law Why is it important for students to learn about economics, government and the law in preparation for becoming responsible and active Australian citizens? Student needs to learn about economics, government and the law so they become a responsible citizen.Economics teaches us about budgeting and the different between needs and wants.It helps peoples make wise decisions with their money choices.

We need to know about the government so we can vote wisely and understand levels of government and their duties.

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We need to learn about the law so we understand it and we don’t break it. Study economic should help a student to become more financially responsible and will help them make more informed decisions as both a consumer and as a voter. Studying government will help students to know their responsibilities as a citizen of that country and studying law will develop their determination, commitment, intellect and stamina.

Studying economics should help a student to become more financially responsible because Economics is best described as the study of humans behaving in response to having only limited resources to fulfil unlimited wants and needs. All humans have their rights and their responsibility. So it is important for students to learn about economic so they understand it, so they know “how to spend” “what to spend” “what we should spend our money on” and “how are they going to make more profit”. If you have a good understanding of economics you can know the different between needs and wants, know how to manage your budgeting.

You can do comparison shopping to get the best deals at the best price so you can save more money. You can understand about business and be able to spot and understand the importance of secondary effects. By understanding the economic you can make better decisions about your personal life and make you more valuable to business. Understanding how government and the political system in Australia work should lead to more active citizenship because it will make us to be aware on what the officials are doing in our country, maybe we don’t know that they were taking our money (in short corrupting) so that’s why we need to be aware and alert.

And so that’s why we also have a media for us to have details on what happening in our government. So we know how it runs. So we can make an educated decision when it comes to voting. This means that you are not just going to make your voting decision on a speech or TV program that you see. You are going to be able to have a clear understanding of the different policies which are in place and you can compare one party to another, ensuring you make the right decision for yourself.

Understanding how government works can help us make an educated decision when it comes to voting so we can be able to control the future of our country, including political movements and government decision making. Studying government is going to ensure that you can make a difference. It helps us understand the levels of government and our rights. Studying the law will help students to understand the law and obey it in a responsible manner. We need to learn about the law because Laws are very important for human beings to live a dignified and secured lifestyle. Laws provide us a sense of security.

Understanding how the legal system works can help us understand our rights and know how the parliament makes the laws. It allows us to protect ourselves against tyranny, and it also allows us to make sure that we are acting lawfully at all times. It dramatically enhances the quality of our life. Studying law will help us understand how common law is shaped by precedent and statute law is made by Parliament It is important for students to learn about economics, government and the law because it prepares them for becoming responsible and active Australia citizens.

We need to know what we want and what we need so we don’t spend our money on unnecessary things. We learn about government so we vote wisely, so we understand them. We need to know about law so we know our right, we do the right thing so we don’t break the law. We need to learn all these to make informed decisions. We are the future of this country. We need to do the right thing so others can follow. So Australia will have the best quality of people. Assessor 1. Mrs. Robyne Kruske/10 2. Mr. Jack Chalmers/10 3. Mrs. Bella Morita Bensherks/10 4. Mr. Steven Loxton/10 5. ………..

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