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World’s Dumbest Animal

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Earth Stupidest Organism

There are many species of animal on Earth, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. Some of these animals are smart, some are dumb, but which animal is the dumbest of them all? In my opinion, I believe the dumbest of them all is the panda, Ailuropoda melanoleuca is their scientific name. I have read a few articles, watched a few videos, done some researches about pandas, and my conclusion is: Panda is the stupidest organism I have ever encountered up to this point in my life, they are the failure of natural selection and evolution.

They are slothful to the point of being circumspect, pandas loll around, knowing full well that most of the humans in their midst will fall for their deceptive, charming spell. They are carnivore, but decided to go vegan, they don't use their time to mate even if they are on the edge of extinction, they are literally stupid, they eat the food that don't give them much energies to live, so they just sit there and eat all they long. I bet you don't believe me, since pandas are so adorable, cute, and look like clumsy fur ball that bring joy and laugh to peoples. You might be right about their cuteness, but that is just what we, normal humans, think about the pandas.

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What about the scientific, and biological perspective of them? Well, as a 101 Biology student myself, I think they have failed as an animal in the way they live.To begin with, I will how a little sympathy, and talk about the good side of these miserable creatures, just to not burry them too low underground. Firstly, these creatures are cute, adorable, chubby, fluffy, friendly, and bumbling. You cannot think about the word "panda" and not thinking about an adorable, yin-yang-like creature, and you will blurt out: "Aaaaaawww!!!" when you see them doing something stupid. Also, these animals are pink when there were young, climbing trees, and swim very good. Every human loves them. Secondly, there is an old legend about pandas, it is nice, well written, but has a dark twist in the middle.

A long time ago, when all the pandas were completely white (like polar bear white), one panda was attacked by a leopard. A young girl shown up and saved the dummy, but she was horribly killed by the leopard instead. So, after all what happened, the pandas came to her funeral wearing black ashes armbands (I don't understand why did the people not slaughter them since the young girl was killed because of those idiotic creatures).

When they wiped their tears, hugged, covered their ears, … those black ashes armbands left ashes marks on their faces, and bodies. That is how we have a yin-yang-like animal today (still, I don't know why did I put this story in the part about panda goodies). Finally, this is my favorite one, pandas are interesting, they are white, they are black, but also, they are Asian.

Such variety in just one species, except for humans, right? Those are all the "good" things I found out about pandas. Let move on to the next part, the bad sides of pandas, this is going to be fun.These creatures, pandas, are very bad at survive in nature, at mating, and at to decide what is good for them. On the biological aspect, pandas are carnivore, cat-like pupils, sharp teeth (they also have flat teeth), pointy nails, they are designed by nature, went through evolution, survived natural selection to consume, and to digest meat.

But no, one day, these creatures decided to go vegan, they decided to eat what they were not designed for, they started to eat plants, especially bamboo, instead of meat. Normally, bears' diet includes fishes, meats, insects, and plants, a lot of plants (some says that plants can sometimes can reach up to 90% of bear's diet), but they eat lots of lots of meat to obtain energies for their daily basic. Pandas, in the other hand, only consume fruits, rodents, but mostly bamboo. But pandas are carnivore, their digest system were designed to consume meat, not cellulose, they don't have functional caecum, which is needed to consume cellulose.

Scientist discovered that pandas were in facts omnivore, they eat both plants and meat just like other bears, but 7 million years ago, they started to eat bamboo, then they completely switched to bamboo 2 million years ago until today, but they still have a digest system of a carnivore, bacteria in their gut are still better at break down proteins than cellulose, so they cannot absorb much nutrition from bamboos. As mentioned above, pandas consume bamboo as their main source of nutrition, and they cannot squeeze out much nutrition from them.

Pandas are bears, bears do eat plants but are not rely on plants as their main source, they have others source of nutrition like fishes, and meat. But since pandas only consume bamboos (they also eat meat, but the amount of meat is very small), they waste a ridiculous amount of time (about 10 to 16 hours per day) just for eating, they have to sit and eat a large amount of bamboo to gain enough energy.

There are facts that pandas need to consume an average of 20 to 40 pounds of bamboo each day, whereas the Toronto's zoo claims that they need to consume about 93 to 141 pounds per day. I don't really know which of them is more reliable but I know one thing, that is a huge amount of bamboo. Since pandas cannot digest bamboo completely, the bamboos just go straight down, so pandas have to "let it go" more than one time a day, which will cause them to lose some energy and then, they start over.

Pandas don't do much, they just eat, poop, eat again, and sleep, and eat again, they don't have much energy to do other things essential for them, like mating, rising their kids properly. Fun facts: pandas are all bamboo heads, hollow. When mama pandas born baby pandas, they often forget that they are their kids, and don't even bother take care of them; some pandas are trying to quell their little ones by rolling on them, probably kill the babies too, glad that I am human baby.

Moreover, panda is an endangered species, due to just have enough energy to eat, sleep, and poop, pandas do not seem to care about mating at all. For animals, not be able to reproduce is quite critical since they cannot pass down their genetic information to their offspring and might become extinct.

According to WWF's information in 2014, there are only 1864 pandas alive in the wild, a few hundred more in captivities, lucky enough, the number of pandas is said to be risen by 16,8 percent since 1970s. and keep on rising until the IUCN reclassified the species from "endangered" to "vulnerable" in 2015. It is really hard for a panda baby to be born and survived, even with the help from us human because of several reasons.

First, female pandas only ovulate once a year in spring, and the amount of time to inseminate is only about 36 to 40 hours, if miss, we have to wait until next spring to do it again. Pandas are not even trying to be helpful during the process, they are very solitary creatures, they might try to kill each other if not caged separately, they are not good fathers either.

In the zoo, at some point, human have to inseminate the panda artificially, so that they don't miss the opportunity of having a panda baby. Also, it is hard to find pandas' fetus by ultrasound, pandas are fat, even the experts might mistake between pandas' fetus and their poo. Pandas don't have a fix gestate term, it is some where between 3 to 6 months after insemination. After the baby is born, they hardly survive till maturity since pandas are not very good at taking care of their babies, they are blind, hairless, and don't crawl until three months old.

They are hard to fertilize, rarely mate, weak, unprotected from the environment, and experience bad parenting when still a cub… those are the reasons why baby pandas are hard to be born and survive till maturity.Pandas are so lucky that they don't even have nature predators in their habitat, they are safe in their bamboo forest, all by their own. But still, pandas' cubs, which are helpless and unprotected, have to face many predators like leopards, and birds of prey until they are older.

Believe me or not, humans are the most dangerous threat pandas ever encounter. We chopped their bamboos, destroyed their habitat for materials, for agriculture purpose, we hunt them down for their unique fur, we almost wipe them out from the Earth surface. Lucky for the pandas, laws had been created to protect them, anyone who try to hurt a panda will face harsh punishments.

In conclusion, pandas are the most idiotic organism I have encountered. They are the failure of evolution, they try to become vegan while being a carnivore, their digest system doesn't even change after centuries of eating plants, they hardly try to survive in nature, does not try reproduce even on the edge of extinction, they are hard to have babies, they are suck at parenting, and their babies are unprotected from the environment. They don't behave like others animals, finding food, try to survive, try to reproduce. Pandas do none of them, they are just sitting around and eat and eat and eat, they do nothing for their life, or for their kids. Pandas are the stupidest of all organism on Earth.

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