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Dynamic Security

Essay Topic:

This session will help you with; POP Describe the physical, dynamic and procedural security considerations in a custodial environment CEDI Evaluate the need for security and control in a custodial environment Objectives C]III students will be able to; C]State what is meant by the term ‘Dynamic Sec rite’ C]Discuss the type of information that could be gained from Prison intelligence Comes students will be able to; C]List the benefits of a good prison regime Recap on Physical Security C]What is the difference between an Open or Closed orison in terms of security?

Licensed is completely locked C]Open allows prisoners out for work/weekend home visits Estate the difference between a Category A prisoner and a Category D prisoner C]Category A – Pose threat to society, maximum security, crimes such as murder, rape or terrorism. Logicality D – Can be trusted in open conditions and sometime allowed out. Low risk.

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What does dynamic security mean?

Surveillance – Covert and overt Clientèle’s gathering L]Monitoring everyday activities Prison definition of Dynamic Sec rite C] The process of looking for patterns n intelligence, close monitoring of gang members, sharing of information, close relationships with external agencies and partnerships to share intelligence, along with tackling the drug and violence issues.

Areas for concern C]Visits – family or solicitors Commitment of prisoners for work, education, C]Mail – outgoing and incoming Phone calls monitored Group work Consider what information can be gathered from monitoring prisoners in these areas; C]Visits C]Movement of prisoners for work, education, Phone calls Question Elf you were sent to prison what would be your biggest concern?

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