Do violent media desensitize children

Last Updated: 04 Jul 2021
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  • Do violent media desensitizing younger audiences ?

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In my opinion media shouldn't be held responsible for corrupting the society because there are many other factors which contribute to the corruption of younger kids in a society. Television, Music and video games are held responsible all the time when something goes wrong in a society regarding the kids. Factors like personal issues and lack of understanding and also the miscommunication between kids and the adults are other reasons which add up to the reasons for the "desensitizing" of younger audiences.

Regardless, media does have a negative impact on the society, specially the children 's, due to the popularity of media that is presented and promoted in our everyday life's. It allows younger viewers to believe that the media is more genuine than actual reality, therefore creating aggressiveness and attitude changes in youngsters, creating major impacts on the future of the society. There is are two opposite sides arguing against and for " violence in entertainment". The side which is " for " are the marketers who promote media with violence involved. Consumers enjoy violent forms of entertainment which allows businesses to ascend.

Research proves that violence is something expected and sired by the consumers, which allows companies to make more profit. The side that is "against," argue that violence corrupts the society because it allows the promotion of violence. Research also proves that media incorporated with violence is associated with aggressive behavior found in children and young adults, aggressive behaviors such as lack of remorse for the consequences, violence against others, show signs of hostility, decreased emotional responses to violence and injury are the reasons why violence in media is arguing against.

The violence presented by the media up till now are mostly targeting the younger rowers more than adults. Concern for younger viewers has increased significantly over time ever since television came onto the screen until the 1920 's, since it is considered that the first two years of a child's life is important due to it being a very important because their brain is still at the stage of development, but media is introduced to children before they even go to school which affects their ability to learn.

The extent of the impact media such as television has on children is outrageous as it has the ability to interfere with their development. These days hillier are not playing, exploring, learning and interacting with their peers instead they are locked up in their homes watching, playing or listening to the media, this discourages children from preventing them from participating in healthy physical and social activities for their development. It is always encouraged for a child to learn to develop social skills and well as to keep fit and healthy but media prevents that.

Parents and positive guidance at home can help prevent violence in children from occurring. A home is always the first place a child begins to learn things, if there is no roper and positive guidance at home than children automatically turn out to be ignorant and more dependent on the media, but if they were properly and positively guided at home, children will have the ability to understand the difference between acceptable and unacceptable.

There are many ways parents can prevent such catastrophes from occurring in their children. They could monitor the children shows, they could watch the shows with their children so parents will have an idea of what their children watch, parents can Join their children in extracurricular activities; which will help them stay active and involved with their peers. Regrettably violence is a popular form of entertainment, over 60% of the shows on television consists of violence.

Research conducted by the Media Awareness Network has shown that kids who consistently watch violent shows, games or other form of media that consists of violence have higher chances of showing signs of aggressiveness and violence as they hit adulthood. Children who are familiarized with the violent acts have increased need for the adrenaline rush they get from watching such acts, and if they do not get the adrenaline rush there are possibilities f them are taking actions in their own hands by partaking in real life violent acts.

An example of violent televisions shows corrupting a viewers mind could be the show Jack Ass. There has been reports on how people try imitating stunts that were performed on television in real life, this causes injury and danger to the society. Overall media do have a negative impact on the society. It does have the ability of " desensitizing" young viewers as they continuously watch, play, and hear violence being socially accepted in the society, but it also depends on how the child is being aided at home, a proper and improper guidance at home always initiates whether the child is properly taught or not.

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