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The Passive-Aggressive Organization

Yes! I should say that passive-aggression organization has implication in the UAE because as Gary Neilson, Bruce Pasternack, and Karen Van Nuys pointed out, no company that has never suffered such syndrome.The passive-aggression organization syndrome is a general situation that has been experienced by business organizations not only in many parts of America, but also in Europe.

As Neilson, Pasternack, and Van Nuys stated, problems develop gradually as company grows through a series of “well-intended but badly implemented organizational changes…,” I believe that passive-aggression organization has implication in the UAE because controlling and delegating authority by those at the top often creates problems and complexities that can result to this problem.The survey that was conducted by Booz Allen Hamilton reveals that one in five of about 30,000 respondents to a global online survey admitted they suffered this syndrome.

In my view, it is reasonable to say that passive-aggression has implications in the UAE.

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Provide a workplace example from your own experience where you have observed attribution theory occurring. Attribution theory occurs perhaps in every work place where there are both a sound leadership and performance failures. In the banking sector where performance required among employees were customer relations and number skills, occurrence of attribution theory is often seen in this context. Poor performance outcomes are blamed on someone’s customer relation’s skills.

Bank employees are paid not only to cater to the need of the clientele; they are also paid to show customer care which mat require skills. Employees often attribute their failures to their lack of skills in customer relations skills. Discuss what you believe is the most important factor to be managed when implementing a change program in the workplace. I believed that the most important factor to be managed when implementing change program in the work place is the change process itself as this could be easily misunderstood by the employees.

There are some aspect that needs to be considering when implanting this change such as the behavior of the individual in the organizational settings and the consequences of this change in the employee performance. In the organizational setting, Vecchio stressed that organizational culture provides influences among the employees that could motivate them to bring out their best. Thus, when implementing a change program in the work place, it is important to consider how the change process will have impact on the organizational setting.

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