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Disadvantages of Iris Recognition

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Subjects who are blind or have cataracts can also pose a challenge o iris recognition, as there is difficulty in reading the iris. The camera used in the process needs to have the correct amount of illumination.

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Disadvantages of Iris Recognition

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. Along with illumination comes the problem with reflective surfaces within the range of the camera as well as any unusual lighting that may occur. All of these impact the ability of the camera to capture an accurate image. The system linked with the camera is currently only capturing images in a monochrome format.

This results in problems with the limitations of grayscale making it difficult to distinguish the darker iris coloration from the pupil. Although there is minimal intrusiveness with iris recognition, there is still the need for co- operation from subjects to enroll in the system and undergo subsequent authentication scans. Enrolling a non-cooperative subject would prove very difficult indeed. Inadequate training of users at the initial enrolment period will cause problems both at the initial enrolment time and subsequent authentications.

Frustrated users will not help make the system any easier to use and will not be accepted by users as a convenient authentication method. Communication with users plays a major part in introducing such a system successfully. B. The iris is harder to map as an image because it fluctuates based on the size of the pupil, and drug or medicinal use, and age. The retina stays constant throughout your life, unless you have glaucoma or diabetes. The iris is not fully shaped until about eight months of age, but after that age, it is commonly believed to be stable. C.

One of the disadvantages with iris connection technology, being that it is a relatively new technology, is that the equipment is very expansive (it could cost almost as much as five times the cost of fingerprint scanning)

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