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Differentiated Teaching

Essay Topic:

Educators have always had a role of finding ways to improve their ability to provide education and learning among students. With the increasing challenges and hurdles in today’s 21st century education, teachers must remain vibrant in looking for alternatives and methods that will shape and nurture students ability to decipher information, acquire new skills and develop holistically within the classroom. As I was able to watch the movie, I learned many important insights and values towards teaching.

In here, the film captured the essence of differential learning as I came across various principles that helped me gain ideas surrounding its purpose and relevance within the classroom setup. It helped me develop awareness of different methods and strategies that may be deemed applicable towards my case and other educators as well. It is by comprehending these facets that one is able to maximize the capabilities of each process and sustain the level of commitment on both parties.

Reacting from this, I feel that to be able to raise these standards of accountability and responsibility among educators, there needs to be a collaborative effort among each other.

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This means that cooperation and information sharing is a vital component as it outlines both the positive impact and implications for pursuing a relative scheme or goal. Likewise, such understanding enables the formation of parameters for strength and skills building that are necessary to be competent in a particular area or subject.

The next part involves active planning for screening students according to their preferences and strengths. Under this process, educators devise their own rubrics and goals that actively align with both their goals and sustain the parameters of facilitating outcomes that is rooted on performance and ability of each student to harness and decipher information. In the end, such process enables active involvement on the part of student and increases their capability to become proficient in the particular class.

Associated with this initiative revolves around the concept of comprehending the idea of a child’s multiple intelligence capabilities. As the film presented the view of Howard Gardener, it gave us the impression of focusing on strengths and justifying areas wherein we can develop our weaknesses in both planning and facilitation of teaching objectives. Using various variables to denote such competencies, it can help intensify avenues towards flexibility and allows them to facilitate such objective using group dynamics and interplay.

To signify the strength of this example, the movie showed dividing the group into several sections to intensify the approach of gaining confidence in their areas of expertise. Allowing this area to be considered, the educator was able to diversify the needs of students and actively address their own level of learning. This idea together with some supplementary materials, it can help adequately facilitate the ability of teachers to transcend over student needs using several methods and approaches. Such facet has been the primary aim of differential learning and has harnessed my ability as an educator to gain new skills in the process.

To conclude, the film was essential in opening up awareness on my part as a teacher. It introduced me to several strategies and methods that can enhance the ability to reach out and gain competence in fostering compliance and cooperation among students. By focusing on the main tenets and facets of this theory, I as an educator can manage new ideas and use the necessary tools to develop new ways of improving classroom teaching. Such process gives me the ability to address the increasing needs of students especially in today’s 21st century education.

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