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Developmental Interview

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In the gift of life, we tend to explore a lot of things and we are bound to experience several instances that will truly build the persona that we have. Technically as we grow older and become more mature, we face abundance of lessons which will truly define our personality. There were circumstances that we excel in our fields and on the contrary, there were times also that we become unsuccessful in our craft. At any rate, the positive response to this fact was that in any point in our lives we get a message that will truly shape our hearts and minds – this is what our transition in life can put forward to us.

Given all the facade of what changes in our lives may bring, it is on a positive note that we go in depth with the facts and analysis that we have as of the moment, and by doing so, it is essential to have some grip with the matter by means of interviews. I conducted a dialogue with three people having the age group of young adulthood, 18 yrs old to 40 yrs old and certainly, I’ve learned a lot of interesting things about getting mature as well as the changes that maturity can offer, “changes linked to age in some way and shared by most or all adults in every generation” (Bee and Bjorklund, 2007).

By giving a brief background of the people that I have talked to, one of them is a female having the age of 18, another one is 24 who is a male and the last one is 38 years old which is a female as well. We can never deny the fact that they have different approach with their lives given that they have different age brackets and at the same time they have their own sets of individuality. There were a lot of changes that occur in my life as I become more mature and face the corporate world, male 24 years old said.

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It’s a totally different package after school because you are bound with a lot of responsibilities and most of all you have already a grasp of what you really wanted in your life, and that entails the consideration of having your own family, “one of the most significant elements in age stratification and age norms in virtually all cultures is the pattern of experiences associated with marriage and family life” Bee and Bjorklund, 2007). It has been exemplified that at this age, you are anticipating your future.

On another account, when you are still in the age of exploring things which is mostly during your teenage years, you are just apt to the happenings in your life at the present. Technically, you are just bound studying and having fun, said the 19 year old interviewee. In the case of the 38 year old female who have already her own family, the concentration is mainly on rearing the children and taking good care of the entire family needs. Practically, when we deal with change, it is absolutely on different criteria on a given maturity levels and this is what was epitomized by my interviewee.

The consideration as regards to physical changes are different as we compared it with our interview, however, the physical built was not so emphasized aside from the fact that the body per se matures. Physical outlook was not emphasized superbly since the age limits in this facet was not that old already and the changes physically are not shown at this point primarily. Accordingly, as the body becomes full-grown there are health habits considerations as well. For the reason that as you encounter transition in your lives, the transformation of lifestyle also follows.

In the lead of expanding your horizon, you develop certain habits which truly concern your health. Take for instance the scenario of the 24 years old, male; he utters that upon socializing wherein his work requires he established within himself the habit of drinking which he knew that in his latter life there is a consequence. On the other hand, there are additional considerations towards the habits when you are on your way to truly getting old, 38 years old interviewee claimed.

Practically, health issues are serious matter since it will contribute to our lives when we are about to face older adulthood. It is imperative to mull over on what we desire doing even when we are younger because it will certainly have a pound in the succeeding years of our lives. Indeed, no one in my interviewee wanted to have a long term care scenario and positively, they are on their way to exploring life’s changes in a brighter side of the angle – that is giving importance of their health

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