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Defining the Purpose of Education

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I believe the purpose of education is to provide children with a wide range of knowledge that will lead them into the future. The journey through education should be an enjoyable experience that they will always remember.

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Defining the Purpose of Education

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. Students should be provided with an environment that is bright, happy, uplifting, and most importantly safe. Students should feel like their classroom is the safest place for them to be. Teachers should make sure that the classroom is equipped with all the essential safety materials. Teachers should set safety rules for the students and make sure they are always followed, to keep physical harm in the classroom from happening. Accidents do happen, so both teachers and students should know what to do incase of an emergency. Students should also feel mentally and emotionally safe. Students should not be afraid to answer a question, express ideas and opinions, or present a project. The teacher should provide the child with confidence to express his or her opinion with out being ridiculed by others. I believe that students should have fun while in the classroom. School is a place where many children make their friends and playmates. Students enjoy doing things with their peers, so I believe that working in groups is a great way to let students" individual intelligence"s add to someone else"s ideas so they end up learning from one another. It"s a great way for students to accept their peers" ideas and incorporate everyone"s ideas in to one finished project. I also believe that children learn though playing. This especially is true for pre-school and kindergarteners. There should be activities in the classroom that caters to every student"s different interests. Such activities center around art, books, music, building blocks, kitchen sets, computers, science activities, sand and water, and toys that will be familiar to them like the ones they would have at home. Through these activities and subjects that are focused on, students should leave the classroom with new knowledge everyday. Teachers should set rules for the classroom to keep the class in order. The student should know the rules on the first day of class and follow them everyday throughout the year. If a rule is broken, the student must face the consequences. This goes for homework assignments also. A child should know when homework assignments are do and if they are not turned in on time they will not be able to turn them in. It is the teacher"s responsibility to have control over the classroom and be in charge. It is also the teacher"s responsibility to make sure all of the students are learning the set curriculum. Assessment will be given sporadically to make sure that the students are learning what is being taught and that they are on the same level as everyone else. Assessments can be oral or written to test the student"s skills. Progress reports should be sent home regularly to let parents know the students" strengths and weaknesses. Parents should be encouraged to work with the children at home on the subject that the child is having trouble with. I hope that my students will remember my classroom and take along the lessons they have learned and use them throughout their lives. Teaching to me is the most rewarding occupation. Teaching children information that can affect their lives forever and to be able to reward them for the accomplishments is going to be the most fulfilling experience that I may ever experience in this life time

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