Customer Relationship Management Of Mcdonalds

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Customer relationship with McDonald has been more friendly. The have responded to their interests and have strived to bring the products to the customers. Complaints such as unhealthy food compositions has seen McDonald changing their products or creating new one that have low fats or sugar and nutritious. Most of the product currently have label indicating the nutritional levels. They have began to use organic food material. However, they have also dominated in promoting their items to children that have led to obesity in children.

SOCIAL MARKETING Social marketing in the three companies varies differently. Wendy is known to have sponsorship of only Wendy High School as its main social responsibility. Burger King has extensive network of affiliations in social marketing through the foundations and initiative programs that they have introduced such as the have it your way foundation, McLomer foundation, literary modern, sports sponsorship and partnership with other charitable organizations dealing with cancer.

McDonald does its social marketing by having extensive play grounds that are zoned to take care of given market share and with little partnership community (Wendy, 2008). BUSINESS IN FOREIGN COUNTRY McDonald business will not do well with its business practices in countries where the religious beliefs and ideologies of people of the host country view it as promoting American of culture. It will also have difficulty in promoting its product to consumer market that are concerned with healthy diets. PRODUCTS AND RECESSION

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The product which may suffer during recession is likely to be animal related products because they form the core ingredients in most of the food items served in McDonald and other restaurants. There supply id dependent on the cultural beliefs and level of production. IMAGE CHANGE OR REPOSITION McDonald can change its public image especially with regard to career prospects by developing good human resource management tools that will motivate workers, pay them well and tackle their health related issues.

It has also to deal with the image of promoting avoiding employees children in its stores and increased community partnership as well as have good business ethics and policies. ADVERTISING ADS The impressive competitive advertising is the one from the King Burger which used the King Burger Mascot that describes that the mascot represent the hungry man who runs to the restaurant to get hamburger with synchronization of 'have it your way' slogan. SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT PROCESS

McDonald has to change its way of supply chain by introducing mechanisms that improve efficiency in supply process such as direct supply of required materials from th e locality. The raw material should be out sourced from the organic sources within the locality and better methods assures of the quality of the products as well as the labeling nutritional content of the products. It should train and continue educating its resellers on the best business practices and ethics all over the world.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES AND VALUE ADDED PROPOSITIONS The most competitive value added advantages of McDonald over the other two competitors (Burger King and Wendy) is use of its colors of the premises, the use of 'Mc or Mac' in its menu list of items, and service that takes account of the taste and preferences of different clientele. It has also facilities associated with it-play places. The other competitors have similar identities but not synonymous with their brands and also do not have playgrounds

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