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Cronica de Una Muerte Anunciado

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Society should not be blamed for the antisocial behaviour of some individuals. Every society is made up of individuals with different values, preferences, goals and personalities. It is therefore not surprising to learn that some people feel that society should be blamed for any antisocial behaviour the individual might display. Before considering both sides of this issue we will define what is meant by the term antisocial behaviour. Behaviour that goes against what is considered acceptable by the norms opf society is said to be antisocial.

Therefore, in most modern societies, murder, drug-abuse, violence and rape are among the behaviours that are antisocial. Should the society really be held accountable for the misconduct of its citizens? Some feel that it is unjust to blame the society because, as a free moral agent, the individual is responsible for his/her own decisions and actions. For instance in Cronica de una muerte anunciada by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Vicario brothers kill Santiago Nasar to avenge the family's honour.

It is a death that is foretold because they have already made their intentions known to most people i the society. As a result, there are those who blame the society for not having done anything to prevent the murder. In fact, many citizens feel guilty for having remained silent over the matter. However, who made the decision to comit this antisocial act? Who actually committed it? The truth is, the Vicario brothers are the ones who made this decision and committed the act. So should the society be held accountable?

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One might consider the events leading up to the murder and say that Angela, her parents, and her friends were all equally accountable. Even though she was not in love with Bayardo, her parents were taken in by his wealth. Moreover, her mother assured her: "el amor se aprende. " Her friends too, discouraged her from any thought of revealing that she was not a virgin. They also assured her that her husband would not be aware of her state, and they encouraged her to deceive him: "Lo unico que creen es lo que vean en la sabana, le dijeron. "

All these factors led to her being returned to her parents in a state of disgrace, thus prompting her brothers to seek out and kill Santiago Nasar. In addition to this, the societal traditions that led the brothers to feel the need to avenge the family's honour could be blamed for the fateful events. As we have seen, even though the Vicario brothers must bear the responsibility for their actions, there is overwhelming evidence that the society, through its silence, its traditions, its deceit, and its greed, is to be blamed for the antisocial behaviour of Angela's brothers.

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