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Critical thinking: Overview

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Book Review College is about thinking and it will help you understand how to become a "critical thinker," someone who doesn't believe everything he or she hears or reads but instead looks for evidence before forming an opinion. Developing critical-thinking skills will empower you to make sound decisions throughout your life. 1. What you think this passage mean and why this passage is included in the chapter "Why Go to College? " How does this passage relate to someone who wants to major in Engineering? What about someone who wants to major in Art History?

How does this passage apply to you? Believe this passage gives you a brief overview of the growth one would expect to have while attending college classes. Learning to look at a situation in a different way or hear a viewpoint one, may not be familiar with, exposes an individual to a whole new life. Once your mind has expanded it can never go back. Taking classes, experiencing different events on or off campus, meeting people from places foreign to our own shapes who we are and who e will be as individuals.

An engineer student may cross paths with an art student and find the commonalities between themselves. How their work is seemingly different but in ways similar. A masterpiece of art can be viewed by an artist much like a new technological device is viewed to an engineer. Each product has its own intrinsic compartments which make the whole. The differences are therefore only defined by the pathways and results. Their exposure to one another provides a different way at looking at things that sight not come naturally to either one of them.

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Critical thinking: Overview

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Learning how to deal with different people from different backgrounds leads to an intimate understanding of different cultures and how they respond to certain stimuli or situations. As a result this knowledge will create a stronger leader and asset to any workplace. I have benefited over the years by having even the slightest familiarity with information that was not necessarily known to other as a result of the people I've met In and through college.

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