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Crimminal Defense Lawyers

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A stable career is what one always strives for but actually selecting one is quite the obstacle. When I was younger my mind was flowing with ideas and different possibilities.

As time went on, I realized that with my certain talents and abilities I would most likely excel in the field of law and more specifically as a criminal defense attorney. Naturally I'm an argumentative person who enjoys standing up for myself and others; the fact that the pay is exceptional only gives me more of a reason to pursue the career.Although I know that schooling will take a large amount of time in my early years, The pay is great, and what I have to do on a daily basis is something that will make me feel satisfied at the end of every day. Becoming criminal defense attorney I feel like my aspirations in life will be complete, career wise. The steps toward any career are long and extremely important. The first step toward this career is accomplishing a bachelor's degree of four years in any field.A potential criminal lawyer may benefit from classes in government, history, economics, public speaking or sociology, but it is up to you if you want to become a double major accomplisher.

It's in my best interest to complete my Bachelor's degree with high grades. After doing research I realized my studies did not end there. After earning a bachelor's degree I must apply to, and attend, a law school accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) or their states bar authorities.Admission requirements typically include high Law School Admission Test (LSAT) scores, undergraduate transcripts, work experience, letters of recommendation and a personal interview. Gomez 2 Once enrolled in a law school, students complete a 3-year program that combines core courses, specialized courses in criminal law and practical experience; many programs also include internships. Criminal law classes typically cover research and writing for criminal law, working with evidence, litigation strategies and ethics in criminal law. Most programs also require students to fulfill writing, general ethics and professionalism requirements as well.

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Upon completion, law school graduates receive a Juris Doctor (J. D. ) and are eligible to take the state bar exam. Lawyers are required to pass the bar exam before practicing law. Bar examinations are administered by individual state agencies and only license the individual within that state. The test is given nationwide twice a year. Students must typically pass a character evaluation and background test before being granted admission to the bar.

While in law school, prospective criminal lawyers should take advantage of any clinical programs and training opportunities available.A clinical program allows students to work in the law school's legal clinic and provide free legal advice and services to other students, under the supervision of the program professor. Although the path ahead of me is fairly long, I have the determination and ambition to keep striving what I would love to do for the rest of my life. Money does not buy happiness nor does it take away sadness. But in the field of Law the pay is great. Financially awarding I would be receiving anywhere from 87 thousand to 150 thousand yearly in the state of Florida.The money I would be earning I would use to help my family move forward and succeed.

Now with the unemployment issues and the lack of company's hiring, many households have gone to waste. With the money I would be earning I would also move to different states where the pay is far larger and I cud also help out not only Gomez 3 people with in my state but out of state as well. Although this has it disadvantages because I would have to take the BAR exam in whatever state I would like to move into and re-certify in the state I'm currently living in.As long as I financially administer my money correctly I won’t be facing serious problems with Bankrupt. The award I would receive from helping others leave large problems that occur in their lives and give them the sense of freedom is far more rewarding in my eyes then actually living in a big house. As a criminal defense attorney I aspire to be the golden resource people in my community long for to help them. With all the year of experience I will be training for in school, and everything I will be learning will all be put to the test in the real world.

I am determined to excel in my fullest potential to receive the upmost grades to be sure I am fully qualified for everything that I have to do. As a criminal lawyer I will specifically be helping people who have made mistakes. Whether they have been charged with DUI, Driving with a Suspended License, Assault & Battery, Domestic Violence, Drug Offenses, Theft Offenses, Probation Violations, Violent Crimes, or any other Felony or Misdemeanor. As a criminal defense lawyer I am passionate about the ability to zealously defend each and every client. I strive to provide legal representation as people go through difficult times in their life.Helping others with their problems has always been a dream in my life. Becoming a criminal defense attorney gives me the right with my ability to force a smile on peoples faces that are in need.

The schooling will take a lot of hard work but in the end will pay off. The money I would be receiving yearly as my salary will in a way refund my hard work all year and also make me smile. With out a doubt the satisfaction of being just one phone call away for Gomez 4 people in distress gives me the sense of comfort every night that I have accomplished my ultimate goal in my life.

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